Guide To Clean Your Home Stairs

Stairway cleaning is challenging for many reasons — the main one being that the dirtiest areas of stairs are the hardest to clean.

A messy or dirty stairway is not a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a home. Decluttering and keeping stairs clean provides a measure of safety when moving from one level of a home to the next. Many people usually choose to cover stair treads in carpets, runners, stone, tile or wood. Each surface needs cleaning to maintain a tidy appearance. Dust, pet fur and other debris land on stair treads, making the surface slippery or unsightly.

Using a vacuum to clean stairs

To maintain a clean stairway, it is important to schedule cleaning the stairs into your housekeeping routine. In this way, if you are disciplined about it, the stairway will be clean, safe and be an attractive feature in your home.

Clearing the stairway of obstacles and incorporating scheduled cleaning into your housekeeping routine creates a safe stairway and allows the stairway to remain an attractive feature in the home.

Equipment Needed

  • Bucket
  • Grease-fighting dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Rag
  • Microfiber dusting cloth


  1. Declutter: Remove all items from the stairs, this includes; shoes, clothes, toys or storage boxes.
  2. Dust: Sweep the stone, wood or tile stairs with a handheld broom, starting from the top area and going your way down to the bottom area. This is the ideal time also to dust the handrail so that the dust can be swept up or vacuumed with the stairs. You can get a vacuum that cleans tile floors easily.

Collect the dust and other debris in a dustpan and discard it in the trash. Sweep stairs at least once per week.

  1. Vacuum: Clean carpet-covered stairs using a vacuum that has an extension hose with a beater-brush attachment. Do you prefer vacuuming from the top or the bottom? Personally, I prefer beginning at the bottom. It is advised to use an extension hose if your vacuum does not reach the top of the stairs. Use a crevice tool that comes with your vacuum to remove dust particles.
  2. Get a bucket and fill it with warm water and put 2 table spoon of dish soap. Dip a sponge and squeeze out the water and make sure that the sponge is a little damp. Wipe wood, stone, and tile to get rid of grime and dirt. Next, begin drying the stairs right away with a thick rag.
  3. Mix grease-fighting dish detergent and warm water. Put a cleaning rag into the mixture, squeeze out water leaving the rag just damp and clean away dirty marks from the railings.

When cleaning stairs, it is advised not to use wax as it creates a slippery finish which can easily cause accidents.

To maintain their hygiene, it is also advised to not use stairs as a storage space as this allows for dust to easily accumulate.

Staircases are usually high traffic areas in homes and can become dirty really quickly and cleaning them is an essential part of every home.

What are your stairs covered in; stone, tile carpet or wood?

How do you choose to clean your stairs?

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