“I will lock Mugabe and Museveni in prison if I become President” – Donald Trump VOWS

“I will lock Mugabe and Museveni in prison if I become President” – Donald Trump VOWS
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By Andrew Lieberman

Washington DC, US business mogul Donald Trump has put Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and Ugandan President , on notice, vowing to deal with them ruthlessly when he ascends to Presidency.

Speaking while addressing war veterans in Washington, Trump warned other like minded dictators who want to die in power, that their time is up and its just a matter of time before they face justice.

“I want to reiterate here before America’s greatest heroes that I will not condone any dictatorial tendencies exhibited by dictators around the world especially the two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda”

Mugabe and Museveni must be put on notice that their days are numbered and that I am going to arrest them and lock them in prison. If the past American administrations have failed to stop these two despots, I will personally do it”

Mugabe and Museveni have given the world enough troubles and its about time someone puts to an end all these madness for peace to prevail” Sid Trump who seemed unapologetic.

If Obama fears them, I will never fear them. If clinton and Bush feared them, If the Pope kneels before them, I will never be reduced to that level. I will never be cowed. I promise to clean all the political mess around the world and promote international justice” Added Trump arrogantly.

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  1. I think the M7 is fully supported by the Republican party which will make it even more difficult for Donald Trump to deal with Mr Museveni. Mind you guys, Mr Obama sent Americans special forces to get finish with Joseph Kony who was really fighting for freedom and Democracy in Uganda not knowing that the special forces he has sent to Uganda is to help Museveni to become more aggressive than before, even to Americans themselves. But because Mr Museveni is a driving car, Mr Trump will continue giving him support in any way. Let us think of another way that would help remove Museveni out off power. If really Democracy people talk about fight about then Mr Museveni is the man to be kick out by the Americans and British. It totally doesn’t make sense to me when someone claim to be democratic man and cling in power for 30 years and action is not being taken.

  2. Truph Pliz Save Us,dont Listen To Those Pple,those Are The few People Who Enjoying The National Cake,the Rest Are In Bad Conditions,no Education,no Hospitals,no Roads,embezlement Of Public Funds.We Are Praying For U & U Will Win,and After Winning Work On Them Pliz,pliz And Pliz,dont Even Lock Them Only,those Guys Deserve Death Coz They Have Also Killed Many Here,work On Them Especially M7.Goodluck Truph

  3. If Obama fears them, I will never fear them. If Clinton and Bush feared them, If the Pope kneels before them, I will never be reduced to that level. I will never be cowed. I promise to clean all the political mess around the world and promote international justice” Added Trump arrogantly.Mr trump this Africa

  4. trump should be let to fix affrican issues

  5. Africa is bigger than trunk abrasions

  6. Nice to share these article.very educative

  7. Let it never to happen a human being can bow before another human being, but from this article i found out that the Pope knelt before them,Thanks for sharing.

  8. Others Came and left The people u mention going strong

  9. Trump you have said straight to the point, well said

  10. If only Trump comes up with Lado Issue to be solved in Sudan Central Africa , then we can believe Trump is great in resolving the African problem —– than otherwise —— Trump means , removing Mugabe and Museveni in the respective countries is replacing them with his wanted Pinocchios who will be under United States of America . Trump then is following Henry Kissinger’s policies only . We all know of these policies already by the way ,

    Trump , over to you about Lado in brief statement saying : https://eroti.wordpress.com/2014/05/12/file-history-memory-information-on-lado-kingdom-in-africa-for-its-independence-still/

  11. let Africans be their own judge I don’t support racism

  12. Africans will never hear of that Sir Trump. You are day dreaming.

  13. I only dont have the capacity,but M7’s gov’t is very easy to topple. So Mr Trump, success is my prayer for ascence into presidency. Meet u as the president of the USA in Uganda.

  14. Wow that sound great. Mr Trump we Love you and we need You. You are the upcoming president of the people not only Americans. African bull Dogs should not be given more chance to stay in power death. people like Museveni should be hooked up by force and it’s (u) Mr Trump who can do that for peace and Democratic Ugandans. These bulldogs have turned the Country to be their personal property. Mr Donald Trump deal with them.

  15. Mr. Trump you will never be president first wash that dirty mouth then humble your self like mr. Obama he is a great man we shall miss him but fools like you if america makes a mistake to vote u into power there will be third world war shut up and look foe your votes leave our african presidents they are in power because we vite for them

  16. I think Mr Trump is very right. You cannot compare Museveni with Obama and Bush. How many years Museveni and Gadafi have been in power? am fully in support of Mr Trump. Museveni should not only be lock in but should be kill like his friend Gadafi.

  17. trump your the saviour of uganda what we know ur already the president of U S your waiting for swaering in but will u not forget about us

  18. African leaders like onslaught of their on citizens. The best they think to solve their problems is to stick on power, buy weapons from their colonial master to kill their own and very citizens who give them power and claim falsely they are independent. They do a blind money laundering (taking money for development to buy weapons to kill citizens) I have never seen western countries buying weapons in Africa to fight their citizens. Look at Omar Hassan Albashir Of sudan for Example. since he got to power, the best achievement he ever made was and is promotion of war and demotion of development. and the best rally he always carry out is ethnic cleansing campaign; strategic goal of clearing off completely some tribes like Darfur,Nuba,in south kordofan and people of blue Nile in sudan to remain with Muslim Arabs,wanting no people but land so he can kill to preserve the soil. Are these the leaders Africans should by any means defend? do we really need such leaders? why don’t we tell the truth some times and a shame the devil? in addition others are even too old to think and plan, their mind is ridge and no longer comprehends any thing but infliction of suffering on people, such people should be kicked out of power. We don’t have to wait for west to alert us if indeed we are thinking Africans.

  19. If Mr Mseveni thinks he’s the only one who brave, then he should know Mr Donald Trump man of no nonsense. Mr Trump we pray that you become American president tonight and face these 2 African bulls. Museveni has turned Uganda to be his personal property. The Democracy practised in Uganda today, is a family Democracy. Museveni is anti Democracy in Africa. Since Independent, Ugandan people, Kenyans are all practised Western Democracy. While people from Rwanda, Burundi are all Socialist. Museveni is heading Ugandans in the wrong direction. Mr Donald Trump come today and help us.

  20. am fully a Ugandan and strongly behind trump to get ride of this two wrong old men in African politics.trump for us presidency.oyeeeeee.go go go trump.our man.

  21. to be realistic Mr. so called trump is showing his empty stunted brains to the world.. first he should deal with George bush for murder committed in Iraq and Obama for the same in Libya. America being super power must not think that Africa is and will remain in their pockets.Saying that Museveni and Mugabe, by blocking them to step on Africa, is giving them headache, then there must be a lot to be desired.. Mr trump, first solve Americas problems of lack of enough security to defend the country from terrorism before looking at Uganda!

  22. I think Trump should mind business because we are not Americans that we need his help so if he is to become a USA president let him talk about USA .And what he should know he will be elected by his fellow Americans no Ugandan will participet.

  23. “Long live Zimbabwe” and Zimbabwe will never b a colony again…..and we guard it jealously and with our BLOOD

  24. I don’t think those in support of dictator African leaders really live inside.men u are in Diaspora ,let me also think that u took your land from Africa,your siblings and not surgically changed to be what u are. Africans would solve their problems but they are not headed by principles, so we Urgently await God to award Donald Trump Success so that he can save blacks from alongtime pain by their fellow men .God bless trump and America as a slogan is.

  25. We will never allow you in Africa in the first place.

  26. Please this is an important message for HIV/AIDS positive patients only, I think you all should see this, and know how you can help yourself: http://bit.do/realhivcure

  27. americans n europeans left africa for africans, i wonder y they keep an eye at a continent they abuse, we choose our leaders even we suffer its worked for, you the ” WISE ” leave us alone !

  28. […] That changed, Juma said, when he read a speech in which Trump allegedly promised to kick out long-time regional rulers Yoweri Museveni and Robert Mugabe for their “dictatorial […]

  29. African problems should be solved by African people not people like TRUMP we have seen very many countries where America has intervened in the name of uprooting dictators but they end up leaving a country in tears

    • You Bantus have harmed Whites and they are our people, so get ready for some severe pain because you asked for it.

  30. stupid trump….have you ever seen any african head of state talking about arresting bush because of his war criminal behaviour in iraq??? arrest geourge bush and tony blair not our president……we decide our own future here in zimbabwe as a sovereign nation and all you do is to try and influence your power on us inorder to steal our god given resources as you did in lybia….thats nonsese….as zimbabweans we voted for mugabe and we are comfortable with the way we are living and noone but us decides to vote for any leader…….

    • Arrest your president 1st, your time of hand outs are over

    • Mugabe must rot in jail the bastard child…only a retard can call that cunt a president. You don’t have a future in Zimbabwe you uneducated moron😡

    • Bwahahahaha if you are happy in a cess pool then please dont speak for me – I will back anyone who removes election stealing Mugabe

  31. on these two idiots Mugabe and Museveni, Trump is 100% correct. Zimbabweans are scattered all over the world with half of population residing in South Africa. I will be happy to see these two ghosts languishing in Jail.

  32. Day dreaming Mr Stupid Trump you can’t do anything to the untouchable R G Mugabee.who are you to come and remove our president.pamhata pako Trump leave our president alone

  33. If you want to meet a Trump , meet that Trump candidate. You will be dead before touching any African Country. Africa belongs to The Almighty God especially Uganda. You guys grow up, you are disgusting enough! Enough of you already. You are thieves Just…its written all over your foreheads ! Lord!! We dont need your aid either..we did just fine without you

  34. I think Peter, you say the man still talks bush war not new standards of the present , and so he must quit, u c, f I ask u a question, can you go to night club without a programmed budget? background is most important to meet s seas lines of new standard, can u imagine d recent post elections massacre in the neighbouring Burundi? was this us man a sleep, what he say or do about it? look at Libya which they claimed to bring peace and order, didn’t they call it a failed state? after their intervention with cooperation of some nationals , is Libya now livable? now haunted with more than 11 rebel groups, isis massacring Christians, do u c Iraq where they uprooted Gaddafi, is Iraq now livable both for anti Gaddafi and pro American invaders and foreign journalists? are they not Iraqis known for taking refuge where they are not wanted especially in Europe Italy.. and end up dying in the dangerous journeys of the sea? look at Syria_ is it livable? after Americans had trained and armed anti government rebels Isis formed and Syrians are refugees claiming entry into other states And. continents. didn’t Americans go to create for them a more conducive citizens rights than it was at present? why a they now running away, leaving their country? is time more important than aversion of of life: mass killings of religious minorities, formations of. more than eleven rebel groups in a country, running away into foreign lands bcz of uncontrolled instabilities. background as u say bush war recitation is necessary for d present state u called it new standards dot com. can u begin senior one without the recitation of primary one to seven? for this reason didn’t Americans withdraw as soon as arrival in Somali when their dead combatants were dragged on the streets by alsabaab? did Uganda not far from now sent troops there and won many alsabaab strong holes to the state. they made new standards bcoz they recited past background to meet the new standards beginning from their commander in chief as u say. new standards are fuelled only by recitation of the background. wasn’t Kenyan army base in somalia run down by alsabaab in 1 dawn not far behind from now? do u think they dwelt with their past or they are. like u who can begin senior one classes from nursery? bcoz u criticise those who recite d past calling it anti new standards, plz apologise and reset yourself. where was this self proclaimed future president of american nation when Iraq, Syria and Libya were being fled away from after their nation distabalised it, where else in the recent history did they enter in the uniform of intervention and is now livable? but locals seeking refuge into foreign territories, continents embracing pure loss of self sustenance except Somalia where Ugandan troops topped up first African combatants stabilise it free from massacre lovers in the umbrella of alsabaab Islamic militants after American troops failed and withdrew? can’t you justify yourself that background succeeds new standards? bye for now only

  35. Come on sir trump, you are our only hope of uprooting this dictatorship.Uganda has gone to the dogs in museven’s 30 year dictatorship. It a family, kids and friends rule.For these who may not no.The presidents wife is a minister, the brother is defacto commander in chief, the son heads the ruthless special force’s etc.To show how far this dictatorship has gone, please see international media on just the concluded presidential election on how the opponent dr kizza besigye who is believed to have won the election is being treated, detained , beaten etc.Trump safe uganda

  36. I don’t know if the people suggesting that Trump should be president are Africans living in Africa or abroad, or they are typically outsiders. Have you noticed each and every country that America has intervened in their politics in the name of peace, what comes next? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and many others, how many causalities end up in the crossfire while America is sits in their oval offices determining how much oil or other minerals to take from those countries? How many are displaced with no hope of ever returning home have you heard of or tried to listen to their stories? Who gives America the right to be the one in charge of world Peace while there is UN and AU. Take your case to these entities that were put in place to protect our rights but don’t call in superpowers to attack our land when we ourselves have solutions on our tongue tips.
    We have all witnessed how America helps other countries in bringing them to peace, all they do is bring them into pieces, I don’t wish that on any other African country.
    And racism in America is rapidly growing, Police guys shooting blacks on the street without any reason, that they are just monkeys walking on their streets, ‘American Soil,” and you think the same person with that reasoning cares about the welfare of any Ugandan or just the minerals that country has? And for Americans who reason with Trump, how many times are you going to be provoking third world countries just because they can’t help themselves due to the leadership at home while they rest well in their homes? Voting for someone who threatens the welfare of other people outside your home is the same as you saying that our welfare means nothing to you. How many people have died since Museveni came into power? and how many will die in that war you want to bring into our homes within either 4 month?
    Stay in U.S and we also stay with our own. Imagine 9/11 happening in our country? how would we feel about the people who castrated the whole plan? That what you are planning to do Mr. Trump and we pray that you leave Africa Alone…

    • Francis where do you reside? Surely not in South Africa. Its about time someone with big enough balls do something about these dictators. There is another name i would like to see on his list. No in fact 2 of them and I am sure you know who

      • George, South Africa was rescued by fellow African Members. They didn’t get any help from abroad. Why can’t we fight our own battles without including the west. If a Ugandan organizes an attack on the government in power now, am ok with it, but not encouraging westerners to attack our homeland. They bring in violence and leave the place in pieces. Take Libya as an Example

        • When was south africa rescued. Trump must go there first. If all africa countries say they can solve their own problems. Why dont they send all the money and food back that they beg for.

          • Africa will return the money and food they beg for once the West returns all the money, food and minerals they forcefully took from Africa. You have absolutely no right to say what you just did. I can never invade your home, take everything you own then after decades of letting you starve feed you leftovers then tell you that if you dont agree with me give me back MY scraps.

  37. Mr. Trump is not right to say that before becoming the US president,Now the question is which means is he going to use to excute his ill intention to Africa? ,if those used in Libya then is nosense John keery one time said that Libya is a failured state…. We should not as Africans make revelations here yet means are not known…. Mr.Trump should know that locking the number one citzen of any country even of Figi is not easy like locking a business man like him . Mr.Trump you might be right but try not to solve the problem of Africa by creating another problem to Africans.

  38. Mr. Trump is not right to say that before becoming the US president,Now the question is which means is he going to use to excute his ill intention to Africa? ,if those used in Libya then is nosense John keery one time said that Libya is a failured state…. We should not as Africans make revelations here yet means are not known…. Mr.Trump should know that locking the number citzen of any country even of Figi is not like locking a business man like him . Mr.Trump you might be right but try not to solve the problem of Africa by creating another problem to Africans.

    • Let me warn this Trumpet of yours that it not easy as 123 to lock up Mugabe as he thinks.That will mean no white person will survive in Zimbabwe and better be known if they won in other wars,then this Zimbabwe candidate will prove them wrong for the rest of their lives,with tails in between their legs back to America.No African country will allow that to happen,mark my words.Did he see the 1 million march,let him warned

  39. Its a shame,Trump does not seem to understand the resilience of Black Africans! We overcame slavery, internal strife mainly fomented by outsiders and even and the numerous diseases you introduced on our continent. You have even failed to wipe out the black Americans, daily institutionalised killings not withstanding. Make no mistake ‘sir’, we shall overcome you too!.

    • i think ur stupid and mad if u dont respond to change,i pray donald trump becomes america s next president such dat we get rid of u people with low thinking capacities

  40. Trump is a mentally screwed up homosexual. USA and some of her leaders merit jail terms for crimes against black Americans, the people of Venezuela, Panama, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya to name but a few, yet this Monkey never hears reckless comments from other people. It is amazing that a party candidate can make such reckless statements against a leader of a sovereign nation and go scot free!
    Fortunately, Ugandans are a hospitable people and will not allow a mentally debilitated and screwed up person like Trump drive a wedge between us and the majority good Americans, some of whom have lived here peacefully. Long live Uganda, long live the spirit of Pan Africanism.

  41. Pls trump cm and save Uganda from this man who wants to die on the throne.. he thinks thr is nah one who do anything for Uganda besides him..everyone who is protecting m7 must b his tribes mate coz of How they r favoured mostly wen t comes to jobs.. I want to remind u that Uganda would b as far f we had a change of president. Nat out of a bitter hrt buh enough is enough of such pipo who think without them we can’t live.. mehn this ain’t yo home is a state m7.b reminded.

  42. I think its time he went we have seen enough of him I personally don’t think he has any new ideas coz he still talks of war which he fought now the world is different and dot com we need some one to match the new standards.

  43. ur hilly welcoame

  44. i think someone must remind Mr Trump that he is running for President of United States and not of Zimbabwe and Uganda. Focus on your own America and leave us Africans alone

    • i guess u zim child,ur full of ignorance n localised in uganda.its high time u shud change the way u think.go back to school n get knowledge.Trump shud become americaz next president n he gets rid of such dictators museveni n peoplpe with low thinking capacities like u

  45. We are tired of him…………………….come and help.Regards
    Trump is very true.Let museveni gooooooooooooooo

  46. Which power & technology can uganda use to stand against America? You are playing a joke.

  47. We shall be protected by Russia and China and Iran and North Korea America days are numbered

    • nothing we do to reach to America even if we triple the work we a doing

  48. It’s just two days ago I was reflecting on what this man Trump said that Africa needs to be recolonized. on one point he is correct but on the other no but, let me talk on the right. Uganda with museveni, Zimbabwe and Mugabe, Rwanda of kagame, Burundi nkurunkisa ,Congo and kabila Kenya and kikuyus are better be much under colonial rule

  49. First time I agree with the Donald! Who does Museveni think he is??? We are going to have his head soon… Very soon!

  50. you just need to keep your filthy mouth shut.. do you know how far Uganda would be by now? do you know the mess museveni caused in Uganda? may be you are not a Ugandan, if you are then you are m7’s tribe mate.. We don’t want people who struggle for power. I’m with Donald 1000%

  51. Trump may have missed a Bishop but He carried the message home. Uganda’s problem isn’t Museveni but who comes after him is a million dollar question?
    The World is faced with many problems I,e Economic migration , Human Trafficking , Hunger , Climate change , Poverty . Diseases (Malaria , HIV/AIDS etc Wars (ISIS , Somalia , Southern Sudan , Egypt, Iraq , Terrorism & Cyber etc. Of late Bedbugs , Jiggers & Cockroches have also become a very big threat in Uganda & East Africa at large. We need to have constructive ideas to help growing Nations & also change the mindset of our Leaders to accept defeat & restore Term limits

    • Museveni has done nothing for uganda.even the police is steal living like pigs inold houses late president Amin left behind with holes of bullets in them.so I support mr Trump.

  52. the fact is that these two and many more have over stayed in power and the other fact is that,we all know the intrests of american is oil and other minerals from Africa.kony killed many and he is still killing but u have done nothing.so plse don’t mind we will deal with these dictators coz we are also tired of them.i don’t know why some people pretend to see that things are well in my country Uganda,museveni is of no use now apart from enriching him self and those who back him

    • Please are we gona dying seeing one president,oooh no.the man should go.we are fed up of him cheating elections al the tym.we need change.oil isnothing cause we have gained nothing still ever since they discovered it .please America proceed .

  53. Add the president of South Sudan to the list Sir. He is a very wicked man.

  54. I am 100% with Donald Trump, there are many more extra dictators here in the neighborhood and I think they must simply pack and go to hell before someone arrest them.

    • No one here in Uganda and Zimbabwe is complaining about them you and Donald are just being ignorant u should deal with your countries and leave African issues to Africa that is Zimbabwe and uganda

  55. Museve is not the only ugandan .mr trumph pliz save uganda from the political mess

  56. hey open yr brains nit only yr eyes ……. idiot … Uganda is an independent state on its own so is Zimbabwe let Trump go and kill Obama idiot hopless we shall kill him too

    • You are the stupidest person I have ever hard ov, fool

  57. I thought Obama would run for only one term. If it wasnt for the Constitution, he would still be in power. All of you guys must know that staying in power for long is not good for a human being but only God. Museveni and Mugabe Manipulated the Politics of their countries and you are there seated praising them. They can rule for as long as they want, they cause atrocities but no one cares. You are cowards who can only talk. Trump will not become president of the US but atleast he said it “All dictators must be locked but in jail”. If I would become the Next president of the US, I would surely not lock them up but kill them as soon as i step in the white house. And you Stupid Americans who are living in Uganda and yapping, You have no idea about what kind of life a local Ugandan lives. If there is any American like Donald Trump willing to punish dictator Museveni, This is the right time please.

  58. stupid trump grand son ov hitler! we shal imprison u before u do it spd

    • u r such a fool,what makes u think that only museven has to b the president

    • Olinga amazi. Ki kyotalaba lumbe gwe!!;;;;

  59. please don’t even wait for the election just order troops and come and remove mostly museveni of uganda is athreate to all African countries .Ugandans are fade up with him .He use ugandan resource and taxi payers money like his family resource and money ..please your are highly welcome to uganda .we will support you .Thank you very much

  60. trump z right abt Mugabe and museveni.these are not africa and l dont see anything wrong with arresting them.

  61. This is madness of the highest order, this stupid hopeless man called Trump has neither reached Africa nor even met museveni or Mugabe. He should know that is not playing ground for stupid and arrogant westerners like him. This time Africa will unite against this kind of arrogance. We do not need his support.

  62. Mr. Trump needs to mind his own business and let the people of Uganda and Zimbabwe determine their own fate. .

    • u baboon don’t even know that these dictators are man eaters for 40 years and 30 years. I don’t even think u live in this world go to he……………………..l

    • go fuck urself coz u dont think

  63. […] to the Spectator, the Trump said he would jail some sit-tight African leaders who have been ruling their countries […]

  64. Justice should not only be done but also seen to be done…..Justice Hewart in MC cathy justice exparte,,,,,,its high time to deal with those dictators…….But still Africans can deal with them not a white man or else it will be neo-colonialism which i personally condemn

  65. Clearly Mr Trump has no idea about what he is saying…. leave africa to africans and leave politics to politicians

    • I agree with you. I used to live In Kenya and visited your beautiful country. He will only cause a bigger mess. If he dose anything, look at IRAQ and Lybia as a preview of what could become of your country. He will abandon Uganda with problems and a power vacuum or a puppet government which will also be bad for Uganda in the long run.

  66. U stupid trump or trush don’t mention the pope in ur bogus politics……..y must u mention his name huh what has he done to u? Silly man mmmtchewwwwww

    • If Trump did say this, then Trump is a mental case that should instead be locked up because if he was to lock up people that have caused suffering in the world, he would have yo start with his own country men Bush and Obama and the cross over to Europe and lock up the former leaders of UK, France, Italy, etc etc for the millions of lives lost courtesy of their reckless and indiscriminate bombings of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc etc, and the ensuing failed states situation in the Middle East! Humanity has not seen such magnitude of mayhem and refugee crisis as is happening in that part of the world courtesy of Trump’s ‘great statesmen’. In fact the ripple effect of these senseless acts will make the world a worse place to live now on words. Terror gangs have subsequently got access to the abandoned weapons and exploited the vacuum. ISIS, Boko Haram, etc name it have all benefited from these senseless spread of ‘democracy’ by the great statesmen of Trump!!

    • u stupid lorna,who is pope to our country???dat religion he follows is someonez idear being in that line of worship n we dont survive in religion as u think,u mother fucker think in a right way.we dont mind trump shud come rescue our state uganda niggaaa::::::”””

  67. You are never gonna cause the mess en manslaughter plus all the mayhem you left in the past history in Libya for example it’s absurd a tyrant en won her like you is vying for such an important position in world
    Sanity must return to America

  68. Leave African matters to africans

  69. trump pliz bekam our african hero in bringing abaut change thanks

  70. […] little-known Kenyan news website named The Spectator claimed on December 30 that Trump, known for his bold statements, vowed to arrest the two African leaders while addressing […]

    • This is aload a shit. Way would Trump talk about them to clowns

  71. I’m American living in Uganda. I love Uganda and I am sorry that not all American’s think like this person who is mad. Please do not take it out on Americans for what a jerk says. He is wrong Arrogant, Prideful and speaks nonsense to all. We are not all happy with him and surely do not want him to be president.

    • No mr C N im a Ugandan but don’t say that trump is crazy Museveni has turned Uganda into his property I quoted museveni saying that Besigye a giant opposition activist wants to overthrow me and take my discovered OIL do you hear that stupid president of Uganda we need no apologies from you Americans either in Uganda because you can afford the taxes embedded on you which have kept us in total poverty and does people either European or American cars. He plays with the constitution taking any government body under his armpits

    • Sure C N. This guy is just flabbergasted with politics.
      Been in Uganda for a while en fall in love with it. Trump shouldn’t make this a business blog!!

  72. Zimbabwe and Uganda never forget what americans did in Afghanistan and Iraq… bullies… to give in to temptation… Trump is power hungry and he wants to exercise it in Africa…to hell with him

    • These dictators are a shame to Africa, honestly they should be got rid of at the earliest opportunity

    • wara fuck,change ur mode of thinking,we needchange n i support trump to exercise his ambition

  73. Who the hell is this trump guy, who said we need his help? They have enough problems is prostitution and crime and all he does is mind Africa’s business… We dont need that kind of energy here in Africa, we dont need trump to help here… I see the next bush by the way this trump guy is talking. We dont need no free masons in politics, we dont want their world order. Let Africa deal with its political problems and America to return what rightfully belongs to Africa…our enslaved grandfathers, grandmothers, father, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters and leave us the hell alone

    • On this am 100% with Trump, despots must quit.
      Come recolonize Africa if you can help us kick these despotic buffoons out of power

  74. I humbly think things in Uganda are far from what they should be, but also believe that in an imature democracy like Uganda we are trying. Trump should help spread the gospel of patriotism such that people of our great nation and pearl of Africa can have more subjective accountability in them.

  75. African fools, when it is an issue of people and democracy, those few rats eating on the cake they rush out to oppose justice spoken, who does not know that those two men especially Museveni of Uganda that has caused many death in Uganda, what other good word can we give him, corruption, murder, torture, the truth is president Amin was even much better than him, because he was less educated so some of the mistakes he did can be forgiven. Museveni should be warned that all people will die after his prolonged regime shall be on his head and his family and all those who support him to continue in power.

  76. Until Jesus comes, he will find africans still stupid.why u guys do u want a president to stay on the power untill he passes away? When we talk about the staying on the power of a president, we indirectly talk about all the government. Why u stupid people can’t see all that? If they stay longer, their children will grow up and take over.Don’t wish one day ur children to president, yo be ministers, to be governors? How will u and ur children break that circle? Trump is right , but rxcept that he wants to defend stupid people with no brains to thinkm

  77. i wish they can be sentenced to house arrest for the rest of their lives n opened a channell where they will be broadcasted 24/7on television for everyone to c how shameful they r to humankind,for every kid to c n learn how disgusting it is to be enermy of progress

  78. Trump for President you are most welcome trump imprison these dictators

  79. Asisabi Lutho!!!! #Nengomasha The Great

  80. I Think You should stick to business Mr. Trump and leave politics to politicians.Do not bring war to Zimbabwe the LAND on its own will fight you. #Chaminuka

  81. TRUMP is just an idiot , america is better than uganda then why does he rubber stamp on uganda , africa for africans not american gays ..

    • You must be a man.

  82. people should have some brainz as their age
    Africa is not a white man’s business anymore…
    we like them(the dady and the boy..huh)


  84. I am very Happy if Trump also include Ethiopia

    • What about South Sudan? Don’t you think so? All the cows who destroyed the economic of South Sudan should be imprisoned if not butchered.

  85. Mr Trump if you want war, world war III please win the electionas and try the nonsense you keep making noise about. Americans always say God bless America for your own information God’s blessings are deserved. Why would God bless a country led by this man? Charity begins at home bra fix problems with in your own country first.

    • God bless Uganda but wat makes angry are the people who went to school and see things in the right way,hmmmm in fact God bless Uganda by him be elected in USA. Oooh our redeemer live.in jesus’ name every body say Amen.


    • which uganda???? which politics are you talking ? do Ugandan know even the definition of politics, Nonsense, you shall face hard time with your blind Museveni.

  87. They do not know Geography…They do not know boundary…most of them do not know any thing…Donald Trump proved it!!!

  88. Trump, your own army will fail you on this. Secondly Museveni’s charm will destroy your wicked plans.

  89. I think it’s good to concentrate on your country first by stopping causing war in the world
    You took the world’s peace away. Africa is one of the rich continents as you are talking reason behind is to get a chance to enter there and grab our natural resources right? Pls leave our leaders, we are not complaining we love them. Deal with your problems in your states….since when did Africa became your business Sir?

    • thank vio..aggrey tobby

    • you dnt even knw wht u r saying if things r going well wth u in yo life dnt speak for others,these pple r blood sucking vampires they fully deserve whts coming to them,they must pay

  90. Very few people know and really understand Donald trump.The day u people do, u will all stay clear of his firing line.Be aware of the fact that Donald is a gentleman.

  91. Oh no thanks mr trump,we dont want to be another lybia, Zim is fine
    as it is but i think the south africans are volunteering, kkkkkk stupid south africans u think it will be easy and swift,after that u will probably be worse than us

  92. This boy should go for business studies and leave the political world alone.

  93. I’m reading through all your messages and will give you feedback as soon as I can . I call for your patience

  94. Americans should not make the mistake to vote for Donald Trump. A leader is known for his or her careful choice of words. Hitler was famed for haranguing his audiences wth racist speeches and it only took 5 yrs to forment a world war. Indeed, Trump is no different. And it wont take hm long to pit NATO against Russia and China.GOD forbid! Vote for Hillary Clinton and save us frm world war iii.

  95. Leave these african idiots its them against time even if they grant them selves presidency to there death beds or wheel chairs they will go and africa will stay

  96. That is bullshit, colonialism is gone by the past. America will never colonize any country and will never become police of the world. Take the example of Iraq currently, hope Iraq people are now reaping from Americas stupidity and dictatorship.

    • if you saying colonization is gone then what are you still doing in america aint you suppose to go back to europ and check how obama is threating south africa over chickens that we dont need
      america is fully of boneless bullyz who do not know where they come from
      say colonization is over becouse you already have the indians land
      and you still benifiting from it
      F U

  97. Donald Trump though, Deal with the log in your state’s eye and leave the splint in ours alone!

  98. DONALD TRUMP,at your age,i expect you to speak sense and not nosense.You are ashaming and embarrasing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN.
    MUSEVEN AND MUGABI ain’t USA business.

  99. Donald Trump is very stupid, we know you feller your a killer and should stop that arrogant tendecies coz you are NOT GOD , can you mention any where you have restored peace? instead its Museveni who is fighting to see that the region lives in peace. if i may ask where is lybia now ? those thieves are instead looking for oil in uganda and want to distablise the whole world .But shame upon you The creator is seeing you devil acts and will stop you thugs

  100. Its so sad that the whole of USA president would just want to put behind bars, the two M’s ( Mugabe and Museveni) , the best thing he could think of is getting the two B’s(Bush junior and Blair) behind bars for wars in Middle east, Iraq etc, up to now there is no peace just because they wanted Oil and opium etc, I blame advisers and not him, someone is behind this, that’s the American way

  101. pliz mr trump,leave uganda & museveni alone.uganda is 4da lord not for u.mind ur business or else God will deal with u if u want to distebleliz our country.to hell with ur programme.

  102. What else will he do?

    • May be after Mugabe and Museveni he will head to Cuba and arrest Raul Castro after all Cuba is only 90 miles from the coast of Florida. Then he may go to North Korea and arrest Kim Jong-UN, then to China and oh Russia and arrest Putin. Any one who listens to this man must be missing something

  103. It is sad to hear this american man wants regime change. People voted in Zimbabwe and Uganda. they have their own presidents. How is this a problem to americans?

    leave africa alone. we do not need USA to dictate things which are against our conscious. it is high time we part ways with these western contries and cooperate with big and small contries in the east.

    Africans look up to God and not American presidents! Leave us alone, we do not have wars and we are living in peace.

    • Africa is a mess caused by dictators and people with no business skills, lacking world standard intelligence and having no idea how to manage something of value. I hope Trump gets into power to fulfill his statements. Time for a world power led by a top leader to sort out the mess caused by incompetent people.

      • Well said Fred.

        • no i disagree afrika is a land which is being looted by the americans and the EU claming that they want to help us however we dont need the help were fine before the pink pigs and w will be fine wen the pigs are gone

          • You can’t compete with the white man, ,,,

        • trump is right despots must go

          • Thanks Robert, to hell with these idiots Mugabe and Museveni. Mugabe destroyed our country now we are baggers or refugees in foreign lands, nxaa Mugabe is a dog imbwa chaiyo

      • This is utter nonsense , u end up seeing things this easy coz the West destabilise Africa for natural resources: and it’s always the West who corrupt African leadership!! u and like minded people should never think abt Africa, we are looking East anyway!!! , u and Donald trump will need mental examination !!

      • What about erecting a quarintine fence round the continent of Africa and leave them to sink it completely.

        • if you sink afrika what will you eat , dress , gold , oil , and everything that a white man has will go down with it ask your father why they are still fighting about
          think white boy
          think pink pig

          • I mother and sisters like the pick pigs

    • Were these democratic elections in Zimbabwe and Uganda free and fair ? How many Africans don’t live in peace ? How many malnourished and poverty stricken children live within a few km of Mugabes palace in Harare ? You are the lucky ones. Too many in Africa are not as lucky. Your leaders need to lead !!!

    • Any connection between Mugabe’s election and democracy was purely coincidental.we should have taken the bastard out years ago. It was only due to western weakness that people like him were allowed into power in the first place.

    • lol. no one voted for mugabe.

      • where were you during the election
        not there ryt
        so shut you shit hall pink pig

  104. This man is very arrogant and needs his head to be examined. He will die a slow and painful death.

    • Fikzana, every day too many children in Africa die slow and painful deaths. And this is the result of your own ARROGANT leaders. Criticise them first, then help the children of Africa. Trump is not worth your time, but these other issues are.

  105. I am a trump fan, but since his comments on ma president am not sure i wish him the best anymore.

  106. Mr next president go ahead and jail more, these crafty guys are many in Africa. See what’s happening in Burundi in the name of a call from God to lead . many of these leaders have nightmares which they confuse with dreams. Save the people who have been made servants and have no option but to praise and worship
    Them . They condone corruption, buy justice, steal elections, offer bad governance, assassination, persecute, and perform many more animal’s acts on the people.
    Please don’t name them now Just ascend to power first and work on them thoroughly.

  107. The chap failed to manage his marriage, how can he manage a nation!

    • Grow up Robin ….. or just stop blogging.

  108. You go Donald. The world needs a person like you. The time for political correctness is gone. Call a spade a spade. Good job. You got my vote for sure.

  109. I think this blonde should change his name to Donald Trash. Look what happened after you had Saddam and Gaddafi killed! ISIS was born, you have serious problems in Syria because of thinking like you. stop the genocide against African American in the US by white racists dressed as police officers.

  110. If the missionaries had not entered into Africa, where would we be now. Can we accept changed as influenced by key high profile world figures who understand leadership rather than hooking abusive statements to them. They have a reason and that is why they give such statements.

  111. Hehehe@ Trump….focus on becoming America’s President, not the president of the world. this planet is a vast thing for a one man to control it and put it in order! you will try just as your predecessors but all will be in vain…its evident in the Arab states that u’ve invaded.
    Only God can.

  112. This is not a white – black (racist) thing, it is an American thing. I am a white South African and for that matter an African. I have my views but the above comment is not mine, it is Trumps’ story. Most of the middle east is in such a state because of the USA. They want to fix every other country in the world! But instead: mess them up! Why: Because they don’t understand the people in those countries! They don’t understand the cultures and traditions. They don’t ask them what they want and think they know what other countries and their people wants! They have their preconceived ideas of what the ideal world should look like and then want to enforce them on all and sundry!
    Trump cannot run a government like he runs his businesses. He cannot run the world as if it is part of his government or his responsibility. Trump should study history before he arrest anyone. He must first know what his country’s contribution towards the current state of Africa and the Middle East was before he further mess up what his country already messed up! Get the drift?!

    • hahahahahahahah,
      Do you mean to say that African countries are doing fine democratically?
      Do you the presidents mentioned above have been and ever been used by USA to exploit their people?
      Who buys diamonds from Angola?
      Africans need to style up look Tanzania the way they do their staff when it comes to presidential terms?
      What’s happening in Burundi its greed thieves exploiting their countries for personal benefits come on Africans we need to wake up our cocoons ,the west is now fed up of beggary.
      No one can rule for life.
      If USA comes out and talks about dictators they are right its where you run for funds
      Let them go and get new blood.
      The biggest problem with a few Africans once they are fed they forget about others.You should as well consider other people who are not eating,hospitals rotten,impassable roads,etc

    • Let this stupid business mogul concetrate on his businesses. Uganda isindependet.He is sick in the head.

      • but Edward sincerely speaking uganda is not independent as u say we are still under colonial rule if u do further research, n me ppersonally can’t come up n pin point Ugandan president about him taking long in power coz I guess he is working under western powers conditions

    • I agree with you 100%. Some of these statements are simply weird and may even sound hilarious. Which jail would he take them? For which crimes exactly? For whose benefit? And so on… I wonder what replacement therapy he would provide the two countries. .. Most probably leave us with more problems than he may have been trying to solve

    • Thanks for this! The man Trump is demented. Who made him God Anyway?

  113. Issues 4 Africans, belong 2 Afnz. U won’t Destabilize Africa as u ve done in Arab World.
    wat a Xenophobic Trump, hates Islam, Africans n thinx it(Trump) z Evri thing, maza-fuck wat a Gourmet Trump.

  114. America is already enemy number one of the world. This guy is provoking the 3rd world war he is a hitler. Well this will unite us as African and all we have to do is to search and kill every white America in Africa or who sets foot in Africa guarilla war fair.

  115. This Donald Trump is confused & power hungry he is trying by all means to buy votes.. I wonder y you foolish black people support him whilst 2 months ago he was calling you lazy people who are good at sex, stealing & drugs. Personally, i think the world peace will be disturbed once this madman becomes n American Leader. I feel sorry for this spoiled buznesman who grew up with a spoon in his mouth..They killed Gadhafi in the name of democracy right about now libya is suffering. Wake up black people be the leaders of your own destiny

  116. This Donald Trump is confused & power hungry he is trying by all means to buy votes.. I wonder y yuo foolish black people support him whilst 2 months ago he was calling you lazy people who are good at sex, stealing & drugs. Personally, i think the world peace will be disturbed once this madman becomes n American Leader. I feel sorry for this spoiled buznesman who grew up with a spoon in his mouth..They killed Gadhafi in the name of democracy right about now libya is suffering. Wake up black people be the leaders of your own destiny

  117. Yes, mr Trumph you are Hero of the world stand brave to remove those two devils in Ughanda and Zimbabwe. I have already decleared an end to M7 reign. If he doesn’t leave power God’s fiery anger will rain upon him. Almighty God is telling me to order him out of power. Praise the Lord Amen.

  118. This man Trump is a dangerous meglomaniac. I am no fan of African leaders who cling on to power whilst delivery only misery to their people, but this man will set the world in flames with words even before he gets to the white house. My advice to the America people is this; be careful what you wish for and even more careful who you vote for.

  119. I don’t support presidents that over stay in power that our own business to solve our own issues not you Mr Tra whatever, mind your own business that will help your fellow Americans leave Africans handle their own issues!!!

  120. trump is the stupidest person that can be stupid. he should be checked for substance abuse. surely u can never be the president of America or Africa. u r such a disgrace to man kind. trump go fuck yo self n eat yo own feelthy shiit. u will be beheaded on national television.

    • Mike you are one sick individual. Go and wash your filthy mouth out, please!!!

    • Mike loves the white man like his mother and sisters

  121. In fact the world leaders should intervened to put a stop to what this stupid, idiotic, nincampoop man is trying to do if ascended to presidency of America. If this matter is not been taken into account it will course us a lot of problems in future cos what he is trying to do can spark a third world war

    • Bettwer third world war than wait to be shot in the head by ISIL, Alshabab, alqaeda and the liike.

  122. Mr. Trump just spoke his mind. He might be correct anyways, taking into account the way our Africans leaders just keep on changing the constitution whenever there presidential terms expires, so that they die in power. This is not healthy if a country wants to developed into a Democratic state or country.

  123. The change in Uganda must be determined by Ugandan citizens not by you Trump…as u seeing our oil we eyeing you completely….all American presidents have similar objectives….which is spreading corruption on earth, waging wars and making people suffer while u run away with their wealth, unfortunately Ugandans are educated and their future is in their hands….leave us manage our societies has we want and manage ur gay crimals on wall streets….and @Bahomian grove…sorry we aint satanists like you…worry about ur over populated jails and ahuge number of homeless Americans…you just envy China which didnt even colonise Africans like you.

    • I have worked in Uganda the oil in Uganda will never flow its to tick. You need to for get about oil

  124. leaders are given by God and He is the one to change them as long as the people in that nation know who God is and i can just say that God know m7 & mugabi’s day to get ovv

  125. you yourself will be a dictator…..so don’t try to mess with our African heroes Mr Trump…..coz we shall not accept ur slavery to reach up to our African continent…unless if u are ready 4 WW|||

  126. I support u Donald Trump
    Come here and save us from this burden called Museveni. He came saying that presidents that take long in power spoil the country but he has spent I think 3 decades in power and he has stolen a lot from our country . Those that support him as I can see are his colleagues in theft but trump u will bring justice to our country Uganda and I know u will become president

  127. You are welcome Mr trump coz in Uganda we are like slaves indeed thew who are eating are the one rejecting many to share the nation cake if what you are saying is what you mean, you will be called the second Jesus Christ of Uganda, apart from Godz son, the above fuckine selfish idiot people who are supporting museven are tribemates, who are not educated living in bushes like world animals, that’s y fucked up hoping m7 to take them to the promised land for the thirty years he had lead ugandan long live trump long live America

  128. I dont know if am dreaming or not, but I thought i read somewhere, yahoonews or somewhere, this guy said, the middle east was better off with long serving dictators saddam and Gadafi in power.

    Or it is so because these two are Africans

    So why this turn! Anything seriouse here

    • Trump is a business man will not be coming to liberate Uganda but has an agenda to join fellow American thieves busy maining and stealing our God given resources. For those in support of his wishful thinking. Do you have a brane! You think he cares for you or wants to make life better for your family? Think again tgeand stop begging people who have brought heartache in the name of peace The only time these people intervene is when they want to steal. Why do you think they have not allowed our African continent to unite? And where are the Presidents who tried to un

  129. This bitch and all those commenting in this idiot’s favour are all fucked up motherfuckers!!! Trump is a nincompoop, a misguided fool who thinks everything revolves around him.
    How I wish I could get access to this imbecile, I will shoot the idiot right in his butts before finishing off his mammoth head with no iota of upright-thinking brains

    • Your comment has been flagged and referred to the Department of National Security.

    • let’s mind our language , I wonder who between u and him is an idiot and imbecile. I do not think idiots and imbecile can rise to the level he has most are wallowing in poverty singing mugabe and musevenis praises in exchange for patronage. hei the man has earned the right to talk

    • He’ll know a u fuckine kidding

    • Trump is better than ISIL commanders if you have guts save the bullet for them.

  130. to who ever is called white, africa watches closely whatever is happing now to the once great and peaciful nations of lybia, iraq and afaganistan. is that wat u idiots call democracy? we know yo intetions. and we very well know whover that bafoon is representing but even wen u kill all of us, satan is too weak to rule this world even wen there is no person so don’t bother us u bootlicker we a better off without u . stupid

  131. Mugabe and Museveni are a DISGRACE TO GOD AND HUMANITY!!!!

  132. Right On Donald Trump. These 2 dictators are EVIL!!!!

  133. Those who pretend to know everything are really the most high hypocrite persons in the world. Trump must solve his own problems first than to extend services to Africa . God isn’t stupid enough to allow those who want to rule in bad heart to rule . You will end up there without seeing palace

  134. Mugabe wants to know if this is for African leaders alone or it also applies to the queen aswell?

    • Come on man, don’t be stupid …… the Queen is not a dictator

  135. foolish trump…..arrest them…I’ll hunt u. find u. mek u plead n kill u myself

    • If Jesus refused to come back n save uganda n Africa at large, then trump has come out for the two evils in Africa. Wish u success trump!!!!!!!

    • am sure you enjoying the fruits of their evil!!!

  136. U think Uganda Is ur country???Mad Man

  137. Tell him that don’t interfere our beautiful continent

  138. Uncle bob is anointed,watch ur stance u trump of a moron.

    • Mugabe and Museveni are a DISGRACE TO GOD AND HUMANITY!!!!

    • Yep, he’s anointed alright with greed,evil and hatred. He’s a blot on the human race. Viva Uncle Ian!!!

  139. I think Mr Donald Trump is not just stupid,as he has a certain knack for proving so,but he is also a dangerous racist and a crazy motherfucker.One thing he needs to know,and one thing his fans or supporters or anybody else has to know,is that Africa is not America.We have our own solutions to our own problems.And we deal with them in our own way and our own time.
    And America aint no brother to anyone or anything.You hit our countries with political and economic sanctions and start bringing your donations to us so that y’all can look like saints when y’all’s the devil.
    We dont need your interfering and meddlesome noses in our lives.You messed Lybia up,Afghanistan,Irag,anyplace you step your big foot in.
    Keep to yourselves and leave us alone.Deal with your own problems first.Human rights this and human rights that while many inoccent blacks are getting butchered and murdered day in and day out by your murderous racist white cops in broad daylight and no justice gets done.Damn!

    • .We have our own solutions to our own problems.

      Name one African solution to one African problem.

      • But which African solutions do we have? Solutions of overstaying in power, of amending constitutions everyone now and then to favour one dictator called Hero, of corruption and poor service delivery; which African solutions really?

    • Problem is you don’t have solutions you fucking idiot

    • Black lover …Even if its a bad man. Dumb $#&$

    • Mugabe should be hanged in public

    • Real stupid African. It is your African continent that is infested with hatred. The tribe living in their mud huts over the hill are seen a a threat to your tribe and must be erased. And so it has been going on since you lot have emerged from the trees and have learnt to walk upright. And that will not change soon. You will continue to slaughter each other, and then come with your begging bowls to the West to beg for a few crumbs of food. Go figure !

      • #Frank u must b very stupid to express ur ill attitude to the media thinking u r any better that someone who u so claimed emerged from the trees…means u dont know simple evolution nor why u may lack melanin on ur skin… go get some basic education n stop disgracing ur parents under the pretext of racism…

      • #Frank you are as stupid as they come!. you are a disgrace to humanity. you are not even aware that evolution applies even to you who do not live in mud huts. we don’t need America in Africa silly

    • Real African you fool. Africa will deal with African problems. What a joke. Go back to your mud hut and eat some more nuts. I was born in Africa and see how “Africans” deal with their problems. With pangas, knob kerries, savage killing, beheading rape, mutilation of children for medicine. Our leaders are uneducated corrupt self enriching pricks that serve themselves first. Wake up asshole

  140. What i like about Trump is the very thing i hate about him. His temper.


  142. Viva, President Trump, Viva
    And dont forget the criminal goverment to the South of Zimbabwe

  143. Mr.Donald it good to tap Museven off but can it happen without killing our inoscent Ugandans?

  144. who the fuck does this guy think he is…
    one day Africa will wake up and y’ll shall bow..
    mark my words!!!!!

    • “One day Africa will wake up?” That’s what I call optimism.

    • Are you Generally as stupid as this comment of yours is ?

      • U are the one being study under this post… I suggest u go get some education u must be a stack illitrate

        • U just being all stupid n shameless

    • Jst because. U share on th cake. That’s why u don’t. Want to trump. To kill your. Man trust. Me even. Before. Trump cumz in ,2016 February. Th soviet. Ugandans are taking yo mantel. Down. Not with. A vote but war. Allah akuballu ,enough. Z enough

    • At least he is saying what we all want to hear, we just sit and let these two leaders rule for life and fuck up things

  145. I dont care about how the Mr. Museveni is to be pulled out of power, what i need is change in the country.

  146. Mr trump plz come en rescue Ugandans from museveni’s dictatorship.. En I know a new day will came.

  147. Mr trump pls come en rescue Ugandan p’pls coz we’re abt 2 die coz of museveni’s dictator ship.No jobs,corruption, no hospitals wiz medical facilities en so on bt I think anew day will came. En tribalisms is biggest issue.Eddi from uganda

  148. Who the f**k do u think u r charity starts @ hme dreamer

  149. What about Jacob Zuma???

  150. Trump should first lock up Bush and Obam for war crimes,before you bring other civil war in Zimbabwe and Uganda, leaders like trump don’t deserve the power!

  151. the only open minded American ,is Trump, we ugandans “NO ONE has powers to remove me ” says ,museveni, without dornors ,ugandans can’ t afford a living

  152. steven….dont be that…ignorant…

    at your age ur not aware Uganda has oil deposits deposits

  153. you want to steal our petrol as you did in Libya and Iraq forgetting that there are many Americans in Uganda , America has many, many problems like you . in Africa we love war you come you will not like it remember Somalia war with American and for Uganda it will be worse.

  154. Donald Trump , you will never even be the president of America because your sick do you think America rules in Uganda or Zimbabwe . this is Africa for black not brown like you come to Africa you will see and learn that Africa is not a jocking area we shall deal with all Americans in our country as needed do not talk about Meseveni who fought Terrorists who killed our people where were you when our people were dieing . speaking evil about our president come if your a man .

  155. I feel so offended with this fellow called TRUMP, he has no control of his Mouth is not fit to be a president. he has already forgotten when he said Moslems should be banned from entering America not knowing that that is trouble enough for him and America, if you happen to be president. let me tell you TRUMP, with in a month you would be over whelmed with the ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS. within no time you would be impeached before even you think of removing Museven and Mugambe

  156. i wish some one could lock you up so we will stop hearing this shit that comes out of your mouth every day!! how stupid is this guy?

    • That’s a good quest to ask urself, how stupid are u?

  157. I think an opinion about the wrong motive instilled among most Africans, of dictatorship shud never be ignored, times have changed if u think Uganda is in good hands then just shut up, cause most of us, have waited on that moment, when we will live to embrace the beauty and nature of our country, but all in vain, and if Trump is the symbol of hope left, then let it be…

    • the name trump should be added into an english dictionary to mean trumped up politics which appeals to trampled people. i dont think Americans will vote for trump. he only appeals to racists and to a country that lacks foreign policy.

  158. Bukenya Keneth – Well Said!!
    We will fight for our mother land. We don’t interfere with American issues! America has become too much with interfering in other nations businesses!!! You like acting like your the god of all nations huh. Why do some of you white people think your so superior? And then then you find some of the black people bowing for them white people!!! #Shiiiit. Don’t forget African slaves built them white nations. TRUMP is just REPTILIAN!!!!

  159. Nigerian President is no 1 person to arrest before another person please.

  160. Trump is fucked up to me hes just a piece of shit hes words makes him the most stupid American person i think he aint got brains in hes head all he got in there is shit

  161. When will the west learn to mind their own Business. Africa is not America you don’t rule us. Clean up the mess in America before to go causing war in other countries. So Donald Trump is a damn ass and dangerous. America/west should look at the mess they have caused in Iraq, Egypt, Libiya, Sierra Leone etc. The countries that were so beautiful and established by the so called dictators are destroyed. You came in poisoned the people’s minds and when the mess was done you withdrew. Cowards! As Ugandans we don’t need your help or interference with our problems. We don’t need America to that for us.

  162. U fucken Trump ,,u won’t arrest our African leaders we want them , why do you Americans want to interfere in African isssues .Fuck u Trump

  163. This old boy is just arrogant and ignorant.He should be reminded that what is good for US is not best for Africa.Whichever way Mugabe and Museveni were democratically elected.He should keep off Africa n think on how to apologize numerous problems US has brought to the world…Think of Libya,Iraq,Afghanistan etc.Tame your mouth Old Boy.

  164. Someone on Trump’s staff needs to tell him that Zimbabwe and Uganda are actually independent states in Africa not the USA. His arrogant and condescending manner is only fit for the dimwit republican voters who seem to share his warped views of the world. Wakajaidzwa! It is the exact sort of shallow,abrasive abd irresponsible comments typical of American leaders that have created the US resistance worldwide and inevitably led to the birth of terror organisations against your nation and your suck up buddies. Donald, you keep your America and we will keep our Africa!

  165. For someone like me who would be happy to be labelled a republican I hope that Americans will not elect Mr Trump as their president.

    • thankx mr. lukengo

  166. Its campaign time for Mr Trump. He is trying to attract the attention of voters just like any other politician be it republican or democrats white house aspirants. Whoever wins the number one job will drop all the stupid promises and deal with reality. My personal view is tha mugabe and museveni are not a priority to America and the white house. Trump is a business man who has a lot to learn in politics. So he is actually reducing his chances of winning becoming the white house boss. I love Africa. God bless Africa. To hell with Trump

  167. It is that part of his business??where have countries Americans intended helping landed. Leave Africans alone

  168. Why you whites won’t focus on our own issues. Which part of his business it is here??

  169. Can Jacob Zuma please be next? I actually hate my country i’m living in. Everybody has something proud to say of their country? What can i say? Our beautiful country is rotting from the inside. Hard earned money being spent on taxes to build and buy the presidents luxuries? #Zumamustfall

    • Agreed, I used to be proud to be South African, I now feel like a person with a country.

  170. Trump we need your help we a really tied of Museven and his friend mugaabe

  171. You will be our natural Hero if you help in removing these blood stained leaders

  172. I am from Zimbabwe and was not taking Trump seriously at all.But if it is true that he can rid us of that reprehensible old idiot Mugabe I support him 100%.I wish I could vote in a US election I certainly would vote for Trump to kick the buts of African dictators who have brought us untold misery and destroyed once thriving economies! There is no justification for the entrenchment of dictators in Africa.Trump will be undoing the damage done by Reagan and Thatcher is supporting murderous Sub Saharan African dictatorships.

  173. Trump seems to be having a point. Uganda and Zimbabwe can still be without thise two people. But the fect is that TruTrump is too arrogant and he will be president of USA

    • Please Trump could you make the next angola presidente, we are tired with those dictatory

  174. Hunger urself on tomatoe tree.
    Leave Africa and Uganda alone.
    Because of our oil ur now focusing on Uganda shame open u Truimp.
    First teach ur country moral behaviors stop gay habit.
    Teach them God’s way first.
    Ur children are messing up with silly habit but ur busy focusing Uganda. Uganda is apearl of Africa. Leave it alone

  175. Hunger urself on tomatoe tree Truimp.
    Leave Africa & Uganda alone. Know ur focusing on Uganda because of our oil.
    Why do u help ur country to gay habit and teach them true God’s nature

  176. man.. come and taste it if you cud remember what happened to your troops in SOMALIA! REMEMBER IT WAS ONLY SOMALIA

  177. MAN ……
    come and face it …if u cud remember what happened to your troops in SOMALIA!

  178. TRUMP for president!!!
    We need this idiot out of our once rich country. 35 years he’s killed this place i call home. Futile murderous “ruler”

  179. Trump is a monster bully. His arrogance and self over-estimation will never earn him the presidency he wants. His attitude of blacks is a disgrace. He a super racist, more that the apartheid regime. Sovereignty and the international order system, shaky as it is, has a limit for preponderance. Triumph can only prove to be a worse dictator than those he wants to target if he thinks well of himself.

  180. Mr. Trump should mind his business not to put his mouth in other people’s. And should no Africa should always know who to rule not u to come and disorganise our countries in Africa

  181. Hhhhmmmmmmm, who is this Dornant? under whose mandate will he be arresting them? After he does so, let him make sure none of his citizens is still residing in Africa? WE SHALL KILL THEM……………POINT BLANK
    I swear we shall KILL all the whites if they ever bring their chaos in Uganda? Let him first apologise to AFRICA for killing our beloved son COL MUAMAR GADDAFI. For sure let Donald Trump be informed that he will be a fools predient for american fools NOT UGANDA NOR AFRICA. ALAS
    Secondly, let him first champion USA’s signature on the ICC, unless this is done, our generation shall not sit down, watch and condone international hooliganism perpetuated by so called americas presidents.
    Sincerely, what problems has M7 caused to America and its foolish american citizens. This is arrogance of the highest order, does he appreciate the UG nationals who still trust M7 to lead the country? Wont he have violeted our rights too?


  182. What about Queen Elizabeth II…. ?

    • As you title goes you must be a moron, is that queen a dictator no. Does she oppress the opposition no, does she ruin an economy no ……. don’t be stupid man

  183. To hell with trump and all those that support his Demonic views. this idiot preaches nothing but hate..he must go play monopoly in his own country and those that believe in his views must go populate America.

    • Mr Donald , you need to first go for medical check up, please try to solve the problems of American, like guys, murderers, rapping of women, drug abuse, and other illegal activities in America, please stop undermining African people, we have the some red blood, all of us we go to toilet , African people can do without American. please you old man don’t link the tongue of a lion.

  184. If Museveni and Mugabe are dictators, let them be. The solution for Africa is not removing those two people but it is you Americans to stop thinking that you own the world. You create conflicts in Africa and you come pretending to solve them. I feel bad for the Americans who will vote this idiot in power. It will be like during the french revolution. So America watchout and make sure that you dont eat what you cannot swallow. For God and My Country Uganda

  185. i think he is right but it should not divide Ugandans and Zimbabweans politically because removal of COL GADAFFI who was seen as a dictator did not solve any of Libyan problem but accelerated it they were far better off with Gadafi than the situation they are in now . everything destroyed .We need avenues to make poor people understand that their leaders are not accountable to them so that they can vote old presidents like museveni out because he is voted by poor and uneducated who receive apiece of soap and salt thinking that he has solved their problem yet poor health service ,roads, poor education quality etc

  186. i think he right but it should not divide Ugandans and Zimbabweans politically because removal of COL GADAFFI who was seen as a dictator did not solve any of Libyan problem but accelerated it they were far better off with Gadafi than the situation they are in now . everything destroyed .We need avenues to make poor people understand that their leaders are not accountable to them so that they can vote old presidents like museveni out because he is voted by poor and uneducated who receive apiece of soap and salt thinking that he has solved their problem yet poor health service ,roads, poor education quality etc

    • The reality is that Africa was built through colonisation, and it has been destroyed by simply handing power over without proper education of the citizens and the new government. Same has happened in South Africa, leader’s come in with good intentions but become greedy when they see the amount of money moving through government accounts. You would not hand over a company to an unqualified person, yet it has been done repeatedly in Africa.

      Trumps idea’s may not be the solution, but at least he is opening a discussion which may get to a solution.

  187. Good Trump, wish you to be a US president soon, you don,t support the nonscent of MUSEVANI, if you were the president during South Sudan Crisis, i hope you would have done alots now and southerners should not suffer like that. Trump oyee. When u become a president you need to deal with the the dictators and install a full democratics

  188. We might be havng our problems as Africans but we don’t need your help whch normal cme wth strings attached. Zim wil never be a colony again. NEVER

    • Colonisation built Rhodesia, once a thriving economy and the bread basket of Africa.

      Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe, destroyed the economy and took away the farm’s.

      Are you really so narrow minded as to want to struggle, starve, and have a lower than average life expectancy, and to pass all of that onto your children and grandchildren?

      Rather work with people who can teach you a better way than simply reject them outright due to your stubbornness.

  189. I think this is rubish of the aspirant. There are enough issues affecting america than thinking about generating other conflicts in Africa. Why can’t he plan to stabilize Iraq, Afghanistan,Libya, Somalia, Syria and others where America has been the trouble causer. off our countries Trump.

  190. I think their days are numbered now. America puts you in power and then out, so it’s better they go. Sure a vote can’t change an African president but rather war. We gonna get to war and this is the cost our leaders want us to end with. Trump is gonna delete them at any cost and that is America not an individual.

  191. Trump is so arrogant and will never be president

    • he forgot to mention that other piece of S**T from EG Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo but then they would never do it too many AMERICAN OIL COMPANIES

    • we need trump Trump we a tied of museven and his friend mugabe

    • It is about time I burnt all Trumps collections in my library.the man has obviously gone bananas. America is not Africa’s big brother, yes we admit that we have our problems but even our problems are nothing to be compared with the OMEGA-SIZE problems of America ranging from terrorism borne out of their ancestral sins against the East, survey has shown that countless Americans are currently homeless and a troubling economy to list a few. America is not a Utopia as depicted by Hollywood movies. Pls “Dona” if ever the benevolent spirits of America favor your ascendancy to the white House, it will be a grievous mistake for you to intrude in the political affairs of Africa. Concentrate your positive energies on developing new templates on solving America’s myriads of problem.
      Africa is still recuperating from the mortal injuries She sustained from the colonial rape by Europe.

    • trump is not arrogant, he talks the reality lets just give him support in order to fulfill his agendas. he has shown braveness thus giving him a big chance to rule united states. i want him, and want the way he talks. he is really a good leader.

    • God picks presidents too en Trump could be the choice for America this time. As the end of the world nears, such wild leaders will rule in fulfilment of God’s word.

  192. Museveni still beleive that, without him no one can rule uganda but that is not true coz even before him we been having president in uganda. & let me inform him that,after his death “we shall still have another president in uganda”

    • U might get another president but he is a hero Mr yoweri musoveni

      • He ‘ll be a great hero if he peacefully leaves the power .

    • even a better president than him

    • Mr Trump what about Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema who killed thousands of white people and the world just turned a blind eye to the chaos in SA

    • That american pig ” trump” just deserves death, i hate him right from what he utters to his poor phenotype. Trump is not a Human but a swine.
      You said America lost its glory by making Obama the president.. But what of making U Stupid white Ass a president. America will loose its glory the more by being led by a piece of a crap.
      All you need is to bring wars to african countries so that they can kneel before U. Why do u look for countries that have peace and leave countries like Burundi and somalia. It seems you were born out of incest. Your father raped your grand mother to produce you. Son of a beast

  193. Yah, yah yah. Our man! Get these dinosaurs off uor backs. That is the most sensible and daring statement ever mmentioned by any American presidential aspirant. America as big-brother should not just look-on as kid-brothers are messing up their countries with perpetual hegemonies! Act Trump, act now!

    • So you are saying that Trump must start war in Africa now?

      • War would be better than the slow agonising death we are currently experiencing.

    • Truly Trump is saying sensible things. If what Trump words are acted upon, America will be great again. Yes, arrest Mugabe, Museveni, and Salva Kiir of South Sudan because these guys made mockery of democracy in Africa. Freedom of speech, democracy, and protection of the citizens is American value, it is human value that has been abused in Zimbabwe, Uganda, and South Sudan. Obama campaign was a fairly tail to some people, and now Trump bids for a White house is also seen by skeptics as a big joke. But who knows, lets waite and see Trump’s Big ideas on the stage comes November 2016..

    • Who appointed you and your fellow country bumpkins as ‘Big Brother’ to laud it over other people??? Take care of your own. We do not meddle in your affairs. so what gives you the right to come interfere with us? I may not approve of Mugabe etc but it does not mean we want or need you to interfere with us. I am a proud African.

      • I think that you are one of a very few who are proud to be African.

        I am born and bred African, I love the country but no longer feel the country belongs to me.

        I cannot be proud of what has been done to Africa by greedy dictator’s who simply take and don’t care about the people. They have taken away our countries and something needs to be done about that.

  194. Afrika z Afrika stop reasoning like u were born yesterday

  195. Mr. Trump! Keep your temper under control; It is foolish to harbour a grudge. Friends! We all know that you cannot argue with someone who is stronger than you are. The longer you argue, the more useless it is, and you are no better off. How can Mr. Trump know what is best for us? Useless! better invest your energy to solve your own problems because one day you will be humbled.

  196. You first clean up your predecessor’s mess in iraq and afghanistan before opening new fronts. Do u even know where uganda is located? Nowonder hillary clinton says your nolonger funny but dangerous

  197. Who told we want to be like America,?
    I rather sit on a bicycle and enjoy ma fresh mango than in a train and swallow tablets for vitamin C .
    Come on Trump the two men didn’t rise their hands in support for homosexual in Afica.
    Did you give liberty to Libya or misery.
    UGANDANS WESIGE BESIGYE WE GO 2016 peaceful transtion

  198. oil shit gasiyaaa

  199. I wish u could remove the shit out of these despots

  200. Solve Americans problems first before venturing into our exploited continent… You blood sucker American works for interest….. Fuck you

  201. I may hate M7 but I don’t like Trump’s arrogance either. And no place has been visited by American troops n peace prevailed. You took out Gaddafi but what you left behind stinks.

  202. So if Donald trump ascends to power,who does he think he’ll preside over,the WORLD or america????
    Well,he’ll make history by being the second stupid president to have ever been entrusted by the electorate to lead a country.

  203. He is just sick upstairs. He is really looking for for trouble for Americans. I believe they will not go alone . Let him solve problems in America. Think about the value of your dollar fist. As if he has nothing to do. Disguise for our petroleum. To hell with u.

  204. We South Sudanese in next door with Uganda. Trump has to allies with us. We can take care Museveni in fashion way.

    • your the first stupid sudanes on planet . Uganda forces fought for your freedom and stupidly you do not remember you will continue to die like fools do.

    • Are you kidding me, there is no unity even in our country south Sudan , not even mentioning the potential to be the greatest nation in Africa but we are still fighting fool of our selves.

  205. Neither Zimbabwe nor Uganda have oil reserves. There is therefore no motivation for America to invade / intervene since it would not benefit them.

    • Your talking about what u have less knowledge of. Make research before u prove ur ignorance

    • U sld be terribly backwad my friend. Uganda has oil and explorations are finished.extraction begins in 2017

    • There’s diomonds in Zimbabwe FYI clearly u nt an African.

  206. Africans we are a miserable lot. Political correctness or alternative ideals are never debated to see merits if any. No wonder we rvdisease ridden, poor, illiterate when our self annointed elite cream resources with our newest colonizer from the East. That said Trump has a point, just that he has no mandate to carry out what he pledges. But that does not make his views trash at face value.

    • Agreed Fats, people should stop looking at this as an attack against Africa, but as an opening to get moving in the right direction. Realistically we Africans are greedy and taking out one despotic simply opens a vacuum which 10 more try to fill.

      If Trump puts troops on the ground it has to be a 30 year colonisation with the view of building a proper government, education system and civil infrastructure.

      It will cost America billions of dollars, and they need to accept this before going ahead, however the end result will be something I would be proud of.

  207. Thanx Mr trump. I would like to ask you to consider Angolan problems before others because they are worse

  208. Mwaka is a Ugandan voter!

  209. Mr. Trump, please help us, this so called museveni is oppressing us. The Ugandan fraternity is with you Mr. President. #inTrumpweTrust.

  210. Donald Trump is trumpeting for oil wealth not Democracy! He is worried that his agents in opposition are losing to President Museveni. So we must not be suprised with his rant! Any how he cant gerymander our politics…in 2018 Uganda will be producing petroleum at commercial level…worth the Trump rant!

  211. Truly the anti christ is around the corner……..endtimes

  212. Am from uganda but we are dying of povert no drug in hospitals poor roads we are fed up help

    • Come over to South Africa and leave Uganda, we will take good care of you and your family

  213. Please don’t forget our S.A president Zuma before he destroys our beautiful country

    • Amen!! Help D Trump!!

    • O dom dom dom evn after every mentioned all the countries Americans have distroyed u want them here

  214. Hollyshit,,,,,,, is this dude for really. I wish to live to see the day u try boss.

  215. That’s why you will never be, you bastard you even still have the guts to speak of controlling African States any more!!!!!
    Better concentrate on reviving your collapsing economy and leave us alone. Ever even step in any of these countries and all Africans will ensure no American ever step in these countries and leave alive….. Nonsense

    • I don’t know from where you are. But i can see in your smart comment that you don’t want to move forward..or you are relying on the goverment for your money..doing nothing and doesn’t know its mostly the white tax payers that keeps SA on the move. Till the bubble pops!! D Trump is trying to improve..open your eyes. Its all about the future not just about today. #inTrumpwetrust
      Many educated black people are also complaining about the way our country is run today..

  216. Now that is someone who deserves to become President !
    Tired of all this molly coddling political correctness. Right us right, wrong is wrong …. period !

    • Trumph is right he should South Sudan self impose president Kiir whose term ended but immunized himself with power

  217. Is this Trump guy a mad man on the street? I think he should be examined. Perhaps he has brain tumor.

  218. Rubbish…. What legal right has trump (even if he becomes us president) over the president of another sovereign nation…..

  219. we should deal with them ruthlessly

  220. Electing Donald Trump will be a step towards the worst political suicide. His speeches show it all. He is a man of fierce countenance and the worst dictator. Let his disarm Americans and prevent riots in USA before venturing out.

  221. I think this Trump guy is losing his mind to the support he gets from his party people. He’s starting to show signs of insanity. He must be reminded that America is not in Africa. Leave Africa to solve its issues. Deal with with the IS and other offended nations. Think before u talk, Donald!!!!

    • I don’t know from where you are. But i can see in your smart comment that you don’t want to move forward..or you are relying on the goverment for your money..doing nothing and doesn’t know its mostly the white tax payers that keeps SA on the move. Till the bubble pops!! D Trump is trying to improve..open your eyes. Its all about the future not just about today. #inTrumpwetrust
      Many educated black people are also complaining about the way our country is run today..

  222. I am a South African, but this Trump is saying is just plain stupid! I don’t think any African living in Africa agrees with this stupid statement! His boys were here and killed our animals, he should start with them!

    • You are wrong the world need to stand up to the puppet nations in posing and inforsing rasist ideology
      I am a African where more than 85000 white people have been killed in South Africa where the ruling party still sings kill the boer kill the farmer
      Any rasist nation where there believes are against humanity needs to be overrun like most of southern africa

    • I don’t know from where you are. But i can see in your smart comment that you don’t want to move forward..or you are relying on the goverment for your money..doing nothing and doesn’t know its mostly the white tax payers that keeps SA on the move. Till the bubble pops!! D Trump is trying to improve..open your eyes. Its all about the future not just about today. #inTrumpwetrust
      Many educated black people are also complaining about the way our country is run today..

  223. am convinced trump didnt say that. not so in his right state of mind in the said wordings. this is a made-up story

    • People in Zimbabwe and Uganda have the mandate to choose their leaders not American presidents. We have seen where America has changed forcefully governments and peace has prevailed. Iraq, Libya, Afghan and now Syria.le
      Let Trump settle what Americans need peace ✌ from the gun welding thugs that are killing innocent Americans before determining who should be President in sovereign states.

      • Don’t be naive, elections in these countries are stolen………… while Trump is an idiot we cannot even use trumps words to support the presidents of these two (and other) countries

  224. Pliz Trump don’t forget that to become a US president it doesn’t mean you’re a world leader, leave African to deal with their problems we don’t need you in Africa so don’t dare talk again of African leaders in your rally campaign, remember it’s Americans they’ll vote for you not Africans so keep your America and let Mugabe and Museveni to keep their poor countries

    • Where has Africa ever dealt with it’s problem’s.

      Trumps comments may be unrealistic but someone has to do something before it’s too late.

  225. Put Jacob Zuma on your list please.

  226. What is the definition of the word TRUMP?

  227. please dnt come and create another Lybia here

  228. Mr.Trump you’re right because africa as a continent is lagging behind because of such men greedy for power

  229. please dont come to Zim to create another Lybia, leave us alone

    • Zimbabwe is already a Lybia, people are starving and being killed. Only difference is that the newspapers are gagged and you don’t get to hear about it.

      Wake up and stop with the “It’s not that bad, it’s okay ” we Africans are the eternal optimists, it will get better.

      It will never get better until someone does something about it.

  230. Let it do not be intentional politicics because what his precedants presidant did not afford about dictators in afrca that’s the american internal politics must be followed by both presidant from democratic or republican politic party how can obama and bush fear mugabe and museveni? If it is not what they dont want?i dont believe the man

  231. I support him in his quest for democracy around the world those 2 have over stayed.

    • When you wake up you will realise that you are in Uganda a sovereign state that Trump has no authority over.

  232. Mr Trump, count my vote on you! We are really sick and tired of these fools!

  233. America can go hang. Is this because these two are unapologetically anti-homosexuality? Why not arrest all unelected rulers of the world. Start with the Queen of England, move to the Chinese President and the sheikhs of the middle east, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain. Arrest them all and lock them up in prison for you are the world police. After that come to Africa and start with the Egyptian Coup military dictatorship, The Sudan leadership, dos Santos, Obiang, Bongo, Prime Minister of Ethiopia and Eritea or the President of Burundi before you think of laying your hands on Robert Mugabe or Museveni for that matter for they can at least claim a manadate to rule from the people since they hold elections when they are due.

  234. I may not be a support of Museveni,but why should an american president think he rules the world.

  235. America is not a heaven, there are problems facing America, there are ongoing slaughter of human in Middle-East. Trump must only concentrate on getting rid of Mugabe and Musheveni when America becomes a heaven.

  236. please Trunph don’t forget to deal with Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria he is evil more deadly more dangerous than the once you mentioned

  237. please Trunph don’t forget to deal with Muhammadu Buhari he is evil more deadly more dangerous than the once you mentioned

  238. Its batter if you can do that things

  239. One dictator locking up another dictator. 48 years too late since America betrayed Rhodesia with sanctions!

  240. Trump this is Africa not American so leave African issues to Africans we can deal with them.And dnt think that you are going to rule the whole world Noooo mr Trump you’re just dreaming #WakeUp

    • Africans don’t deal with problems, we wait in the hope that they will go away.

      Like a child hoping that the monster under the bed will not get us.

      Wake up and do something before someone like Trump comes in and does it for you. Because then we will all cry and moan that he didn’t need to because we were just about to act.

      Africa is the eternal whining baby of the world. Every other continent’s citizens take charge of their political future, we whine and do nothing, we allow despots and dictator’s to rule us, when strong countries come to help, we reject them as colonisers.

      Wake up, we need to be colonised in order to get out of the hole we keep digging deeper and deeper for ourselves.

      Please for the sake of our children, our country and our continent, wake up.

  241. Mr trump u can’t rule the entire world much as I don’t like museveni, I can’t totolate that crap of demeaning us all the tym. Better mind American issues anduring leave Africa alone.

  242. please include Salva Kiir in your notes he is messing up South Sudan

  243. Please include Salva kiir in your notes he is messing up south Sudan

  244. bravo mr trump these goones who think that a country cant move without them must b uprooted

  245. Of course Museveni must be removed coz is changing Uganda which is consistent with many tribe to be his Clan that he can rules them in a Kingdom ways as if Ugandan was meant for Him.

  246. Trump yo lying ur self,president museven is democratically elected by ugandans,so try else where not uganda.

  247. Salutes to the idea but I hate your racism!

  248. you u want blood too like obama did in liby . now u want to suck blood in uganda .&and zimbabwe what wrong with u guys .i dont surpot those 2 men u want to eliminet but .u white men .u dont like africa all u want is our minulas

  249. There you are right…..the political world needs some thorough cleaning.

  250. go and deal with north korea we dont want your white ass here in africa we can solve our own problems .and what type of weed are u smokin donald ?

    • Probably as good a weed as you Jason, Africa solve it’s own problems.

      That’s about the most stupid comment I’ve heard, give one example of where Africa has solved a problem and is now better off.

  251. I think he knows totally nothing abt these two countries in terms of where they have come from economically plus they have been voted in power by their own citizens. ..who is he to destabilise democracatically elected governments if he is for justice? ??????? I pray and feel sorrt for the next generation of America he will rule if he is lucky to win

    • He is wrong to intervene but democracy in these two countries doesn’t exist in some sectors especially elections.

  252. What about .Museveni’s brother Kagame?

  253. Mr.Trumph if you become the president of Usa,the whole world will be finish. Museveni is our president,we give him our votes,who are you to come &dictate on our man. Never talk again like that bse it might lead to your failure. Museveni oyeee.. Get me in Uganda and u’ll see fire. Stop it we are settled with our Mzee. “Gwokere sana”

  254. Mr. Trump well said sir’ i can see the light in african leaders if you would do exactly what you just said’ i grew up on see on president am now 30yrshis the same guy ruling

  255. Its true we need democracy not dictatorship however Trumps method of working is not acceptable. Ugandans are voting out Museveni this coming election. We only need our votes tobe protected. Freedom of expression. Not violence. Museveni has done great deal of work for the great lakes region hence deserves credit.

  256. thank you mr Trump for such a clear and strong message to the dictators. you should have also added the one of burundi and rwanda on your list . now, pay keen attention to campaigns and elections in uganda due on 18/02/2016. it is not campaign but war between the rulling party and opposition.

  257. America will never do good to Africa other than stealing our minerals, I hear Uganda is now having fuel/oil wells so you targeting it. You just want Uganda’s oil,Zimbabwe is just a decoy

  258. We would love to see that happening but you also have problems with Muslims and Blacks which is a threat to the world

  259. This Trump guy is a son of a bitch who thinks we Ugandans really need his violence. I am deeply insulted as a Ugandan to hear this bullshit from this Nazi bursturd. For God and My Country.
    NB: I don’t support M7 but I don’t want violence anymore.

  260. He is an idiot.

  261. leadership does not require madness it requires having the heart of humility wisdom while dealing with people America rules the world through partners and I believe this trump would need them if he becomes president. to undermine Africa’ chose of leaders Ie Mugabe museven etc is total luck of understanding and respect for African people. stop insulting our minds, choices and liberty. you have a problem of suicide bombers to deal with give us chance to deal with mugambe and muscles not you

  262. let’s hope you mean whatever you are saying. Bse down here is a political mess

  263. am from Kampala Uganda but at least some has finally heard our cry museveni to the end some thing has to be done

  264. Let uganda be your first choice because we are suffering too much

  265. Conclude Nigeria president to the list please sir, buhari is a dictator as well .God bless you as you keep your promise when you get to white house.

  266. Yes,His Opinion may be right though Triumph is one of them.Surely,is America colonising the world? If Donald is poking his nose into African matters while they are kéeping us in big debt.That is out.Let him not be elected.

  267. How would I listen to this 21st century racist leader?

  268. I shall hold my breath. Promise number 1. Build a Wall. 2. Make Mexico Pay for it. 3. Bring back jobs from China. 4. Becoming the greatest jobs president God ever made. 5. Get along with Mexico. 6. Get along with China. 7. Get along with Putin. 8. Stem Muslim inflow. 9. Get along with everybody. 10. Let Russia fight ISIS and the like in Syria. 11. Maintaining preeminence in ME. 12. Show your hands up all who’ve fallen for this…….(left blank for your choice of fill in) 13. You’all……….f..d. 14. Suggested fill in words for 13. Flunked, flagged, freaked, fed, fleeced, flogged, fobbed, framed, fried, fooled, food, followed or floored.14. You’re free to extend choice outside the scope given list if you wish but must take full responsibility for your choice.

  269. Ugandans will be so relieved if Trump helped them get rid of Museveni. You just earned my vote.

  270. Donald trump is mad and still thinks like colonialist . We dare you and we will be right in the heart of America to teach Americans the lessons of their lives . If you have not learnt a lot of your American aggression then you may expect the worst with your day dreaming concepts of recombination of Africa and wanting to bull doze our leaders . You should come to your sense thAt African countries are sovereign countries and not part of American federal states . We are absolutely ready to face you off. Obama killed Gadaffi and you see what is in Libya . Democracy requires that the people make their choices and if people continue to choose Museveni or Mugabe or any African leaders , how does this become American or Donald trump business . Please focus to admiring your daughter that bring your scattered hair to African affairs . Who said that Democracy is tag to term limits. Gone are the days of American and western powers aggression. Africa is now so United that we can face you off and bring war to you on capitals .. stop speaking recklessly and concentrate in your domestic matters in America. You have more Cabbage to sort in.America than use Africa as your scape goat to win votes . Donald trump I have been following your statements on Africa and one thing I can promise you , we are absolutely ready for you . If you are staying in a class house , don’t be the first to throw stones . Don’t risk touching the mass of a leopard because I am sure you clearly know the result .

    • I don’t know from where you are. But i can see in your smart comment that you don’t want to move forward..or you are relying on the goverment for your money..doing nothing and doesn’t know its mostly the white tax payers that keeps SA on the move. Till the bubble pops!! D Trump is trying to improve..open your eyes. Its all about the future not just about today. #inTrumpwetrust
      Many educated black people are also complaining about the way our country is run today..

    • Koryang are you really serious of what you are saying? If you are in Africa I think you truly needs Trump because you still promote nepotism and very reckless more than Trump whom you criticize. Is Africa more united now than ever, really?

    • What a chump, do you really think Africa could take on the American army?

      Africa are a bunch of unorganised, poorly trained, hot head’s who think they can fight. The minute they face an organised, planned assault they will scatter.

      The small Israeli army could probably take out most African defence force’s.

  271. Donald Trump… You need a therapy…like serious, you seem like a very confused person…America have soo many challeges…Tok about them, Zimbabwe or Tanzania will never vote for u, because the election is for you and Your fellow American being… You are soo stupid, talking of returnng African American beck… Do you know who are you,,’ You are European American’,, get in a board and sail beck to Greece where you can sort out the Euro scandal… Stop your nonses,, God will punish you soo soon and all your fortune will be distributed among the poor..

  272. Big up strong courageous words we support you to bring justice in Africa

  273. Trump sit your racist ass down somewhere

  274. This man is not making sense at all.why, America doesn’t feed anybody in africa. So he can’t dictate to anybody in africa.

  275. Mr Donald from all u promised the poibt i mentiones above is a nice one the two are becoming god in Africa, Museven is becoming a nuesense in uganda, i dnt kno about Mugabe much.

  276. Please Trump We Are Nolongerunder Colonial Rule Take Away Your Gay Remember Africa Is Safe With Those Leaders First Think Of Your Ruthless Nation Terror!

  277. Mr Trump you omitted the number Dictator in Africa Muhammadu Buhari, you must emerge the winner of the November election so you can save the lives of the innocent Biafrans from this Wahhabist extremist.

  278. Unfortunately or Fortunately. What shall I say? Hillary Clinton is Nostradamus next President. Even logic has its campus needle indicating that.

  279. Donald Trump must tame his tongue. Zimbabwe and Uganda are sovereign states and not puppet states of western and fascists imperialists

  280. Donald Trump is overstretching his overzealousness. Americans have so much internal problems to deal with such as illegal migration to waste time with external matters. Am beginning to think this guy is temperamental and not suitable for the high office of president of united states of America

  281. You just a joke a Trump, you think Mugabe is money.

  282. This is the only sensible issue u talked abt since u started campaigning. I love that

  283. Hypocrite arrest Tony Blair and George Bush first before you can talk of arresting Mugabe and Museveni.

  284. Tramp u at like s blue fly which jumps on evry think..u might even not be knowing where Uganda is located …u are like a rabid dog attacking evry none it finds on the road…I dindtndidnt know ur such an empty vessel..Uganda elects its leaders via democracy..Now look at this ignorant Tramp to rule America…age is s prob to
    Him..,many of his brIain cells have disappeared so fast by the time he finishes 2 terms in power he will be a mess to the world and mad or dead by then…

  285. Hahaha there is sence in this

  286. We cant wait….

  287. Somebody tell this mad man that Africa is not one of the US states. US president doesn’t rule Africa. If he is a man he should go and deal with Russia and arrest Putin, but not Mugabe and Museveni.

    • US shouldn’t make any mistake to vote for this mad man to rule over them.

  288. You are idiot Mugabe and Museveni they are not leaders for USA neither for US
    they are African president and you can’t do anything to them
    If you are brave enough do something there the people are having guns in their home and in towns daylight killing innocent people because of money
    Have in mind that Africa is for African not for US
    And am sure you will never ever be US president
    Your discrimination highly known in the world so the world has no chance for you stupid ideology

  289. He has a point there, these African leaders are simply a disgrace. With all the rubbish that comes out of Tramp’s mouth, finally we get a silver lining

  290. Trump-I will lock Museveni and Mugabe in prison If I become president,FUCK YOU BARKING DOG,.HOW OLD ARE YOU? You should first quit Politics too because your OLD WD WELL.
This is Uganda. And that is US. First arrest G W Bush for attacking and Killing innocent Saddam Hussein. 
By the way, Uganda has no Nuclear like Iran you wanted to attack, despite the fact that u have tonnes.
Oh and if you meant that our president will be arrested for the over stay in power, why don’t you call US citizens for a revolution against the Israel Lobby that has ruled America for decades.
Stop mendaling in our politics. We shall liberate our souls without your help. We know your help comes with economical conditions.

  291. Trump is a mad man who have no clue on international relation. He cant just arrest citizens of a sovereign nation. He rather being a dictator and should not be given the chance to mess up the American democracy. Libya should always be cited am example anytime these visionless leaders want to jump into African affairs. They have turn Libya into grave yard

  292. Trump is a mad man who have no clue on international relation. He can just arrest citizens of a sovereign nation. He rather being a dictator and should not be given the chance to mess up the American democracy. Libya should always be cited am example anytime these visionless leaders want to jump into African affairs. They have turn Libya into grave yard

  293. Museveni has also provided good for Uganda, we are just ready for change but not to put him in prison, Trump I am voting for you

  294. Donald Trump is truly a chaotic president. Much as I dislike Museveni, what powers has a US President got to lock up Museveni up?

  295. Yeah, yeah yeah talk is cheap, money buys the whisky. There is the brick wall called congress Donald, not the wall you are going to build on the Mexican border.

  296. More lies from the press. Of course Donal Trump never said ANYTHING LIKE THIS.

  297. u are the leader the whole world has been waiting for Mr Trump. pliz kee the promise

  298. Come to our rescue, we are stuck with dictators like museveni, we need change of guard in order to progress.

  299. Who are mr. To start dictating what presidet shoud other country hve, mind yr business sir. This is a democratic world pipo hve aright to choose de presiden they need.

  300. This thing so called trump is becoming disguising now , do you think Africans are stupid to that level . They are independent and they choose what good for them nor you choosing for them whats appears to be good to you . If I become a president I will throw into the junkyard

  301. Fuck your assTrumph if you don’t have anything to campaign with repent and start worship GOD mot god

  302. Shut up! What’s wrong with you old-guy, are you a Zimbabwean or Ugandan? Take your pills and meet your medic. I think you are sick!

  303. This clown surely needs to visit a psychiatrist. You will, and can never become president!

  304. surely madness has fall to him if bush and other have failed hu do he think he is coz he is trump dat propaganda and you have failed to put your representation to American people and the international justice that you talk of ….I think you want America to hold and put trust to you wen indirectly your promoting war against youself in the risk of other people ..,.if you want Mugabe and musevine to rot doesn’t need you to be a president you can go now and arrest them and no harm no war n no fight its just between the three of you despite the the world…

    am not a gud English talker and writer but you heard me

  305. ha ha ha.. Mr.Trump.. Your words have crossed the boundary.. I wish u knew Who is Behind President Museveni,, Well i do not know Mugabe.. well Mugabe makes me just Laugh even at sleep.. as his comments are so hilarious,, God Puts People in Power.. and He removes.. Well YOU can choose to be in power without God’s Grace.. well the danger is YOU might loose ALL your property at the end of the day.. so watch your words sir.. Well on the other hand.. Donald Trump is one man i always loved.. out of care let me advice you.. Pl watch your Ego.. Your money could disappear like mist.. in an hour.. Stay Humble and on your Knees. The World belongs to God.. not a Man who will just die at loss of his breath.. Please.. cool down.. Well you want to rule and have a record that you were once a president before you died,, it ok.. its your first year in service.. to enjoy the ride as you mind your business within yr house..

  306. how does dat help Americans?

  307. Actions speak better than words. And btw leave issues of generals to the generals. We will surely deal with Museveni n Mugabe by ourselves.

    Thank u

  308. Mr Donald trump I was born in Uganda came to uk around 1969 s around, neither you have grown up there or neither you supported when idi Amin expelled all the Ugandan Asians ?? Where where u sir their ? If u think your so gambling money sticks it’s people like us so I need or people expleed from Uganda in 1970 where were u? Hundreds of Jews family from USA welcomed them and British govt welcomed all wheather they were British of any kind ? Subject procteted or Ugandan where the fuck u were I was in uk with charitable help to organise camps where British govt helped to Asians ? And so did lots of Jewish American ? Isn’t mr Musovani better than edi Amin and Dr Milton Obote? U have to be very careful as your position to make a rubbish statement u mr big mouth are sick keep your money in your ass please respect abt Uganda me musonive I don’t know nr mugabive if u want educated conversation u talk

  309. look at that insomniac …….. Ugandans will deal with their issues so does Zimbabwe, let Amercans do the same en leave matters of other countries.

  310. Poor homosexual fox,Africa will never ever be run on your tune thats why even your dreams for the high seat will never come to pass despite of your rotten wealth stuff.

  311. Why are you not talking about Elizabeth?, why are you talking about black leaders, those who provide peace and security to their nations… I can believe that you are not selfish if you tell Elizabeth as similar as what you told this great African leaders

  312. that’s why he is rich….. he masters the game. he knows how to play with cards well .

  313. well said Mr Trump. but electing this guy is turning Africa a battle field of world war three. Trump is more than a dictator.

  314. Trump or whatever they call him should go fucl himself en his daughter whom he has been trying to fuck. He is an idiot and so are all those who support him. Stupid ignorant fools. We will witch u if u step foot into Africa. Stupid idiot with ugly hear. All people where conceived via vagina but u trump came into tgis world thru a dirty infected vagina. You dump son of a bitch.

  315. He has no right whatsoever to threaten our presidents. Mind you. Zimbabwe and Uganda are sovereign states. Who said that it will take you Trump to such a thing? Aren’t you people ashamed? Look what you have reduced Libya to. Look how the innocent souls are now suffering in Libya. Africa must arise against these tyrants and imperialists. Viva Mugabe and viva mseven and viva Africa. The battle continues.

  316. I will join NDF of Namibia if He can come into Africa for the great Robert mugabe

  317. We appreciate you Mr Trump way in advance.

  318. Plz lock them as soon as possible

    • Someone tell trash or is it trump? that we appreciate the peace created by America in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and many other places around the world.
      I pity fellow Africans applauding such selfish overtures from this gay activist.
      The only crime I know Mugabe and Museveni have committed is not supporting homosexual tendencies in their countries.

  319. Donald Trump should come out clearly on his agenda. Am not sure he is a genius on African matters than the Africans themselves. Mr. Trump should give us the reason for his bitterness for these great men who have defended their nations against homosexuality.

  320. Donald Trump is a fool, he will never win.

  321. 100% on a right track

  322. please Mr Donald, leave the issue of our lovely president museveni to Ugandans and African Union… mind your business please…or else don’t waste our time..

  323. I donot think m7ven & mugabe are the reasons for political mess of this world mr trumph!,why not iran,the queen of uk ,are these two older than her in power,and the natives are not araming,why do t what help who doesnot need help? mind about isis please! Leave africa to africans can deal our issues.thanx

  324. Please hurry up and save us from Museveni,we are tired !

  325. Please lock up Zuma as well… White Farm murders in SA are very real – in the most gruesome ways… Corruption within Government is real – to the point where Unemployment is 24% but the idiot who is the excuse for a president steals R200 000 000 for a house while the people around his palace lives in poverty and disease…

    SA needs serious help, as it is going the same route Zimbabwe is…

  326. Sick fuck.Deal with your country

  327. sincerely, Mr Mugabe and my own president Museveni (who I passionately supported for over 15 years) should pray harder, they are doomed to sharing a black cell at gwantanamo bae.

  328. Pliz leave African heroes alone anyway American people will not vote for you.

  329. you are the really man, if u put those east African despotic leaders in prison, I will be the first to support ur idea, they are the most prominent actors in devastating Africa as whole. They are qualify enough to be categorizes as a rogue state, which are not complying with international rule and principle likes Museveni, violation of international principles of non- interference in the the internal affairs of other States. your victory is inevitable. let them face the trail.

  330. I wish I can vote for him!

  331. How’s to visit SA and reduce the ANC and all of their clowns and puppet Zuma while you are on your way to Zimbabwe to get that other buffoon

  332. Wow, Lets wait and see!!

  333. Well Trump a person without limit can never be a good leader .
    Your mouth seems to run faster than your brain.
    We Ugandans can solve our issues that’s why we got our independence.
    Just kiss the thought of being a President good bye.

  334. trumph you scared putin of Russia and you are threatening Mugabe and musaveni I can tell you are coward crazy old man

  335. Are u now supporting people to die in office when there are other capable citizens? He should deal with them!

  336. since i heard about that name trump,its only my very first time to love his word “handling these endless dictators”museveni and mugabe .and guess what!! their viruses have crossed over to rwanda..i wish they are struck by natural lightening and thunder so we get a smile on our faces in our lifetime.

  337. “added Trump arogantly.” Its about time someone grabbed these psychopaths by the scruff of the neck and shoved their heads in a collective toilet.

  338. Are you sure or you just want people to vote for you and then after start cowardising!!! You man be sure and keep your word alive and kicking we are tired of liers

  339. Yes he is right,we Africans we are fed up and sick of those greedy old leaders in power,our people are killed,arrested,our properties taken by force and so on.we need clean Africa this time around and peace in general.

  340. since i heard about that name trump,its only my very first time to love his word “handling these endless dictators”museveni and mugabe .and guess what!! their viruses have crossed over to rwanda..i wish they struck by natural lightening and thunder so we get a smile on our faces in our lifetime.

  341. Are sure or you just want people to vote for you and them after start cowardising!!! You man be sure and keep your word alive and kicking we are tire of liers

  342. Mh Trump, u seem right, though not, What will u do for technology? coz thats our source of interest, just watch my blog and see what i mean,since this is just unbelievable though true http://gigatricks.com

  343. More especially deal with this stupid museveni bse he’s killing people silent,he kills day and nite we ugandans we don’t know when museven is dieing bse we hate that fool plse be elected as us president and first in your office first kill dictator museven

  344. Trump The New Cecil Rhodes
    This is s quote from Cicil Rhodes that’s now materialized through out the world.
    “To and for the establishment, promotion and development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom, and of colonisation by British subjects of all lands where the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labour and enterprise, and especially the occupation by British settlers of the entire Continent of Africa, the Holy Land the Valley of the Euphrates the Islands of Cyprus and Canada, the whole of South America, the Island Of The Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire, the inauguration of a system of Colonial representation in the Imperial Parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed members of the Empire and, finally, the foundation of so great a Power as to render wars impossible, and promote the best interests of humanity”

  345. l will surpport Trump for that

  346. Screw ur pity old ass yourself….. Leave Africans to deal with their own issues you bumpitous, dolt, halfwit and moronic old bug, you think we are not humans capable of dealing with our own situations, let me warn you, put your bloody ass in Zim and see what we will do to you. I hate your racist comments, thts when i started hating you skunk

  347. Mind your business . leave Uganda alone , it is not America .leave our president . go and deal with gays and terrorist . long live museveni

  348. Well said Donald. You will be the only one leader not controlled by the people who think they are something because they have money. Show these assjoles that normal people have the right not to be controlled by a dictator. Remove them from power and put them on trail for crimes against humanity.

  349. Trump does not seem to understand politics. He thinks wealth is all there is to manage world politics. if Americans want to witness the worst foreign policies and a move back to Martin Luther Jr civil rights actions against racial injustice,they should vote Republican Donald Trump for Presidency.

  350. About museven’s case I support you and may be I will get a chance to go back in my country. I really miss home and my mum

  351. may you promised come true mr incoming president, if that’s your plans forward i agreed with you

  352. Well as long as you don’t turn to be like them almost all of the people who became in power as president they become dictator worse than the those who stepped down so be aware of a such just look at our newly elected president of Namibia we can’t see his words that he had preaching the country is falling apart so be sure of your speeches are not going to be useless to the nation the you have it racism if you be a president I think all black africans will be chacoal so let’s wait and see.

  353. If u can lock another serial killer that wants to rule alone here in Lesotho, the Basotho nation will be de happiest nation ever.

  354. I like that…this old 2 men!!!!! I hate….

  355. trumph stay with your america

  356. stay with your America will stay with our Zimbabwe

  357. this is africa…a land of a black man..dictate with ur coloureds and leave africa alone..now u well know that the country is stable and at peace now u want to tear it to piesces like how u did to iraq,libya and currently wt was happening in egypt..whenever u fuckin whites know the an african country is rich in minerals,u find away of tearing it..okay we were born with guns and we shall dies by bullets..trump u are 100% trump like ur name….even americans wld be stupid to vote a pariochailist..a leader who is narrow minded..and if i had a way of reaching u,i could even put a bullet in ur head.. How can u disgrace pope?who r u?find some words to use otherwise u myt end soon

  358. He is a dangerous man this Trump

  359. Trump=trush should remember he’s standing to be an American president: not world president

  360. The silence is deafening from the West and western governments regarding the ongoing genocide of both blacks and whites in Africa.
    When I hear a presidential candidate say that it is his intention to bring the presidents of Zimbabwe and Uganda to book for their despotic behaviour, I sit up and take notice. I woild suggest that he adds President Zuma of South Africa to his list. Zuma openly sings a song about ” bring me my machine gun – kil the boer, kill the farmer”. At last we have someone who is aware of what is going on in Africa and is prepared to do something about it.
    Believe me, Trump would have my vote if I was in the USA. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT

  361. Interesting! Isn’t this the guy who a few weeks back said that Africa should be colonized again? Is this a move for US to get a colony? If this is not contradictory to what was said then, Africans better watch out,.else a new colonial master is knocking.

  362. Who is this lumpen. Will the Americans vote him the president of the world. Uncle Bob will soon put him in his place. Keep your america and uncle Bob will keep his Zimbabwe

  363. I might want museveni out .. but we the people of Uganda will do it our selves just take care of ur own country..

  364. Zim is not your territory!! Just speak as you always do but leave our Africa alone and concentrate on Obama who is busy promoting ISIS right under your nose

  365. Thanks Trump,what is your policy enactments on neocolonialist stated by you crazy Americans

  366. They need to mind their own business look what happened to Iraqi, Syria etc, leave Africa alone, stop sticking your nose everywhere it doesn’t belong.

  367. Thats nosense b’se Uganda is asoverinity state that is not answerable 2 America and he should remember that we elect our leaders democratically so he is less concerned of our affairs.

  368. Well Trump a person without limits can never be a good leader, yo mouth seems to run faster than yo brain.
    We Ugandans can’t solve our issues, that’s why we got our independence.
    Just kiss the thought of being a President bye.

  369. Add Jacob Zuma to that list and you’ll have my vote.

  370. Agd idea .countries shdn’t be led like kingdoms where aking hz to rule till he dies… I wsh u all rhe best. #TRUMP

  371. Please add Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema to your list!

  372. This time am behind your back Mr Trump if u a elected & u remove these so called African giants.

  373. his just build castles in the air .leave African issues to africans.trump ur are still in a trap first get urself out.racist u are.i bet u will never be a president of America

  374. Super Trump. Talks like a drunk.

  375. Some one inform Donald that Museveni is not a dictator.

  376. Mid ya business with ya country

  377. arrest and lock them if there is a prison in a middle of a sea under water then lock them there please so that we don’t see them again

  378. thats the way to go Mr Trump, you the best….

  379. sorry Trump for what your planning Uganda helped USA to stop Ali-Shabab in many countries like somali, Iraq, southsudan and other countries but you first prison the problems of USA befor you prison Museven and Mugabi and even your not sure that your going to win ” you shuld know uganda is indpent”


  381. what does he refer to peace? uganda is peaceful boarder to boarder….overstayin isnt dictatorship when voted democratically…idi amin is one of the worst dictators but he was in power for nine years…neo colonialism must stop….africa can solve her problems…..

  382. Vitisho baridi hivo he lacked speech i guess indeed he may be having a point

  383. Can someone define for me what democracy is?

  384. what does he refer to peace…uganda is peaceful from boarder to boarder….we wont entertain such neo colonialism …..fortunately he wont win……

  385. Mr Trump you are entitle to your oppinion. How sure are you that Americans and indeed those concern are intrested in all this promises you are makin? Be cautious of your words you are a politician the hatred you showed to muslims alone is enough to disqualify you not to talk of this your inciting comments.

  386. May God flustrate all your wicked and evil plans in jesus’ name.may you die of anthrax.

  387. In my travels to various countries, the one consistent reason I find for why other countries “hate America” is because we’ve too often involved ourselves in the affairs of other countries when it wasn’t necessary, and more often than not, doing much harm. America should mind its business more, and the business of other countries less. Besides, it’s not like we have a pristine record when it comes to humanity and the absence of corruption.

  388. Leave African matters to African. You want to colonize Zimbabwe again.

  389. president must have over stayed but has changed our big tym so saying that doesn’t make you a great person boss first crash da terrorist who are s pain before turning yo interests somewhere else

  390. Do your best mr. Trumph Bse here in Uganda we are tired of this krap.

  391. another dictator is buhari of nigeria, he should be brought to book.

  392. Do what is possible mr. Trumph. Because we here in Uganda are tired of this rubbish.

  393. thank you sir in advance, you will have savedus a lot

  394. sometimes the world requires some sot of. dictatorial for a short while to wipe out long lived dectatorship like like that of Uganda’s Museveni and Mugabe Trump you have trumped me and the world for your first time.

  395. Thanks. Obama disappointment. He kept talking about dictators but then invite them to white house.

  396. Its time you felt with issue of America and you left Uganda alone.

  397. Idiot lock ur kids up for killing wild life in africa then we wl talk

  398. It would be a pleasure to us Ugandans if in actual sense u had a strong reason and well justified Mr. Trump however much we are fed up of the corrupt & bureaucratic museveni era; we in the same sense don’t need help from the American government characterized by 200% conditionalities and exploitation. Save your citizens first. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

  399. For this alone I would vote for Trump!

  400. wishful thinking. trump & hitler share similaritys.if accidentally elected in usa his evil authority remains within USA boarders. .he cannot export foreign stupidity 2 Africa..he better refrain b4 what begot hitler gets him.

  401. let’s me pray for you so that you go through and we see how strong you are, Africa it Africa and America it America, have you ever seen a cow crying for a young goat.

  402. This time round am with you on that point though on Muslim’s u have to change what you recently spoke

  403. Why don’t you mind what’s happening in you country and leave our Zimbabwe alone. Mugabe is more respected than any of the American presidents.

  404. he must concentrate on America he is not elected to become the president of the world each and every nation has got its sovereignty which must be respected, only its citizens has got power to decide what’s best for them , not America the self appointed police of the world. so Mr Trump must do what Americans elected him to achieve for America if elected.

  405. I will back Donald Trump any-day. We have been feeling the devastating effect of robert mugabwe for decades now. These dictators’s actions has uprooted millions of lives and have killed many thousands more. The ANC government is tending more and more to follow in their masters footsteps.

    A human life in Africa is just not worth anything anymore. People are being murdered for a dollar.

  406. fuck donald trump…he can eat a big fat black dick….what do u know n what has he ever done for africa? Nothing…he is already sounding like a racist dictator himself….and any black person that wud be dumb enough to support this racist clown is clearlly a stupid puppet brainwashed…keep n deal wit your america, we shall keep and deal wit our AFRICA.

  407. Don’t cross the bridge before you reach it.

  408. It’s Unfair For Aperson Of Is Nature Purporting Ending Dictatorship In African And Yet ,his Sentiments Are Dictatorial In Nature, Shame On You Mr President (would Be) Of USA.

  409. We live in two different worlds Uganda and America are very different first deal with the homos

  410. We don’t need interference of stupid Americans in the African politics….. And you have to know this is Africa not Arab world

  411. 1stly, Donald Trump must resolve the Americans problems
    Its not easy to clean the political mess & to promote the international Justice because he need to start in his country.
    Success, Donald Trump!

  412. Its the people of their country who put them in power so shut up.

    • My bro they are chosen by minority only that they fake elections.

  413. Ugandans in Uganda are at least more peaceful than many countries in this world. what happened in Libya thinking Americans are bringing peace made it waste. as a Ugandan its better to live with the devil you know than the so called angels we don’t know.

  414. We Strongly sport you Mr D.Trump, we are tired of dictatorship.

  415. Arrest yourself first

  416. I am officially a Trump follower…u av my support from down here in Uganda. may God richly bless u more en more Donald…oooh Mr President

  417. Uganda is not a district or a state in US that you will intervene in its political system. We are a soverign state with rights to decide what we want. And we promise you we cannot be made the current Libya, Syria, Baghdad, afhganistan name it. We have a democratically elected president who is much more respected internationally than yourself. Leave issue of Africa to Africans the same way we leave issue of the Americas to Americans. Never mention Uganda again in the verge to acclaim your failed political kwagmire. You even lack respect for The Pope (His Holiness)!!! I am suprised Trump by your words this time. You are a real comedian.

  418. But this is not serious ,i thank God he will bever be a president otherwise US can face serious problems

  419. For real such leader have to come up to creat a positive change

  420. day dreamer russia & china will make u straight
    And who are u are u zimbabwean or Ugandain to choose a.leader in these countries. now you want to bring your wars to poor Africans

  421. I hope he starts in Lesotho where the govt is using the army to terrorize the small nation

  422. Come down to Nigeria and arrest our former President, Johnathan for destroying our economy, looted our millions of naira. Please help president Buhari to recover our money hide in forien countries.

  423. And North Korea? ?

  424. I would like to know from you the contender for US presidency whether you’re contesting to rule Africa or USA?
    There’s no world president because ever state is guide by her sovereignty and territorial. Stop kidding me in Africa.

  425. Comparing Mugabe to Museveni is unfair.Mugabe has never attacked any country but Museveni attacks and peddles in neighbouring countries affairs.He went to DRC and destabilize it .He also looted the gold of DRC..His hegemonic tendencies contributed to the genocide of Rwanda.Against the will of AU he went into Sudan.Mugabe may be bad but he was provoked when in UK the Homos attacked him and Mugabe wondered how could a head of state be treated like that.Considering his background of racial inequalities he erroneously interpreted it as a demonstration of racial hatred.However both Museveni and Mugabe are greedy for power and something need to be done.This should not be an issue of Trump but the international community

  426. Who the hell does Tromp think he ? God, This is a free world if he think he can dictate to Africa and that we as African are his pond he must think again, african can take can take care its issues he must concentrate n deal with gaining nomination and winning elections first. Idiot!!!!

  427. Yo my man, these two need to be hidden from peoples faces, just madness in the old people

  428. Yo mad n and abusterdard just.fuck off u fool.

    • You being apresident yo gonna finish d whole world.yo too much raciest

  429. Who should feel the pinch U or their Citizens.

  430. Mr psycho path trump, know this Uganda and Zimbabwe are sovereign state in which we are free to elect our leaders regardless of anyone’s approval……
    When you attack Uganda, it will not be museveni to stop you but us normal Ugandans will defeat, we don’t need America to decide for us please

  431. He is just a stupid man talking. He knows he won’t be president. That’s why he always talk shit about Africans. Fuck your mother you bitch old man

  432. Normally its not wise to respond to such crap..but if its really from Donald Trump then he and those of his type are a disgrace not only to Americans but those who think like him. Uganda is not a colony of America..we as Ugandans decide who leads us and for now it’s still H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

  433. Opium and madness is disturbing the old man

  434. These Morgue is more dictatorial than the named subjects. Let Amerikans be warned of 3rd World war thru these

  435. You are my hero

  436. These are the words I’ve been longing to hear. keep your promise Mr Donald.

  437. Africa is Africa and whatever Mr. Trump is saying about African leadership is rubbish therefore, his rooted colonial heart about Africa is baseless.

  438. Who is triumph to think he can just come from US and rule over Uganda,we are waiting for you Trumph silly…!

  439. Who does he think he is? He thinks he can rule the world? I will be very disappointed if Americans can choose him as president. He’s clearly not an intelligent person judging by All his statements

  440. Mr Trump, should get a dictionary, and read to the Americans, what democracy is. Where did he go to School?

  441. cant wait to see u in power.ur the remedy to Africa’s number one problem

  442. Trump you forgotten about North Korean president (Kim Jong un, Putin of Russia and Iran they’re more dangerous to American people and their own citizens than they ones you mentioned aka :Mugabe and M7. Don’t just trying bullying African leaders please stop talking shit about African leaders they’re not threat you in anyway.


  444. Am a ugandan, we are tired of museveni, may God ears you mr Trump.

  445. Let mi reminded you that you forget salva KIIR of South Sudan’ he need to be arrested cuz He did wars a crimes, acrimes against humanity in 2013,

  446. He is the best.

  447. I persönally dissagree with that planing of yours do come to rule uganda or any others african countries just shut what you are saying they are our leaders we accepted them not you to replaced them or by amercian government you not be a president if you come to kill african leaders thank you!

  448. And Zuma please Donald


  450. That’s right all Africa president take care of them

  451. Mr. Trump oyeeeeee

  452. Your right hon . Trump help us.

  453. You should start with da Queen Elizabeth
    And Saudia Prince.

  454. 10 out of 10 vote for Donald Trump – its about time we had a strong man to stand up an do what is right, Amen

  455. Now us people who are in these countries what shd we be saying to that.

  456. Mr. Trump or whatever you call yourself, Uganda does not need help when thousands are gun shot in the United States first solve your own issues Uganda better off with the old man leave us in peace and unity

  457. Good for you man! you are too young ti do what your tongue just pronounced in your arrogance, pride! I have seen wealthier people like you die and forgotten like …..you can fill the dots there. Whos gonna vote for you actually, in my eyes the World, United State of America doesn’t need you…you better stop campaign and sleep for a good year….I love you brother!

  458. I just wish I was American to vote for you buy un fortunately am Ugandan. But if all goes well, do as u say

  459. Why talk about other peoples’ houses being in a mess when yours is the worst. American presidents may not be over staying in power but a lot injustice prevails. If Idiot Trump thinks American hands are clean, let him promise to sign the Rome statute. If America is a land of justice, why the fuck did they make the so called “invade Hague” law? Is Trump talking about invading China?

  460. This is a very satisfied joke! Who gives America the moral authority to intervene in the affairs of severeign states, moreover outside their continent? If this is not short-sighted arrogancy, it serves to expose the still existent colonial mindset in the so-called white community. I regard this young man’s remarks as childish and hence advise him to never make a mistake of sticking his little finger in the leopard’s anus. I dare him to try it!

  461. I wish u success to achieve your dream.we are tired of those two faces in the continent.

  462. Mr Trump may be a qualified fool…do he think the US’s presidents will remain captains of Africa?He should mind his business because the world and Africa particularly are yelling enough to the western arrogance. Hate you Damon’s friends.

  463. He must first lock George Bush before he come to Africa. What makes Americans more special than Africans?


  465. Go ahead Trump and make justice a reality. We have been fooled too long!

  466. I wish you success in your bid.
    Dictatorial leaders MUST go especially Museveni of Uganda.

  467. You’re fired Mr.trump. You will never be President

  468. You arr not Ugandan, your powers are so limited. We love museveni and if you mess with us we will lock you up instead….I actually thought you were quite intelligent until I read this post …bluff

  469. For the first time since Mr trump launched his campaign, he has spoken sense and has been spot on. The arrest of those tyrants is long overdue.

  470. My prayers are for TRUMP to win and RID the World of these so called, “Revolutionaries” who say they will never cede power .

  471. I pray for you that u cling that seat nd become the president.clean it up and lock them in.

  472. This Donald Trump man must be mad! Why doesn’t he mind his own business and that of his own country? Uganda is a sovereign State and deserves respect. That’s an insult to us as a country. Mr. Trump, better stop your colonial mentality. If you don’t have anything to say, better zip up.

  473. This is the strongest possible statement of intent against political despots from any anywhere in the world.

  474. He sounds like he will make a worse dictator than Adolf Hitler and all of Africa’s dictators in post colonial History himself.Mr Trump please taking your marketing campaign elsewhere and let the politicians like Hilary Clinton show the way.

  475. Silly guy. He will have more fences to mend about American bad policies than go after African leaders American Presidents kill or sponsor more killings of people in five or ten years than an African President in 40 years. The American governments are murderous. You have not just killed many human beings but you have also destroyed the environment.

  476. “A Country Dies” … a novel available also as an e-book on Amazon.com. Read it.

  477. What a laugh.he sounds like he would be worse than hit let himself

  478. Go for it Donald Trump! And lock Zuma up with them.

  479. Trump, that’s none of your business, I hate when America leaders think everything should work the way they want it to work. Worry about your own country there are lots of problems you have to fix in the USA: student loan debt, racism, stupid things like slut walks, to name but a few. You are not the world police please mind your own damn business because you are about to make the same mistake take as what you did with Col. Gadaffi, you created that problem. Lastly USA, please do not put this idiot in power, the rest of the world’s life and yours will be in danger.

  480. I think ur jst asking for a war from this old men’s locking those president wat does that that got to do with by putting that on yo campaign vows ar u insane u mst stick to business bru trump ppl need u to deliver services not be a so called trying to be a hero &how will that benefit America because he wont be able to negotiate in order to work with them uplifting the countries with those educated old men’s

  481. We Uganda we don’t in America we shall only give our prayer to as you message of hope, i love yr promise for Uganda.

  482. For more information about Uganda, contact me

  483. the devil speaks on his own behalf. Herh, white man, mind your failing business. All u are looking for are resources in Africa. Speaking as if deeply concerned mean while greater intentions await at the back of your mind.

  484. really museveni should die not prison

  485. You must foolish Mr Trump.

  486. Uganda is peaceful, we vote and the winner takes it all. Donald there are things that make us Ugandans and not americans like we don’t support gay you people do. Please if it was the great Queen or pope and Bush junior we would listen because are respectable ethical with human values. Yes we know our old men in Africa are not that perfect but we like them

  487. He is a crazy busted, just saying this for his personal gains. What is he to label himself better than the other Presidents. He must just go and have a nap.

  488. Hahaha hahaha Mr. trump who said we are fed up of them
    Tell you something before you lock them up make sure we have better replacements for them does old men should surely go but make sure we have better replacements

  489. Mr. Trump should seek to be President of America not hope to turn America into an other colonial power. They cant take on the rest of the world.
    M7 is campaigning to be Pres of Uganda not America otherwise America will create an other chaos like Libya.

  490. Lock up melvin mzeka too

  491. We r totally suffering here in uganda,its characterised by inflation,corruption,rigging,insecurity where polticians & muslims r killed,HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION etc, please save us where possible.i stay in hoima district of western uganda!

  492. This is the best you Trump can do for us Ugandans. We have suffered enough under the dictatorial government of museveni, the overwhelming corruption and embezzlement by his government, favouritism and nepotism in his government that has left majority of us the ordinary citizens suffering greatly with rotten medical services, rotten education systems and generally rotten service delivery by museveni’s government where only the selected few and the first family have remained the beneficiaries in his government. I wish you go through and save us the burden we have as Ugandan’s.

  493. If any kind or war from this man to my mother land ….i will make sure I bomb his people and that’s a promise.

  494. That’s a good massage to those suffering under the two dictators, that presidential office is not like for the monarchs.

  495. MR M7 Kaguta Clings in power for 30yrs making 85% ugandans poor.He claims no ugandan can accend the throne if he is alive.His adminstration of implementing radical policies namely;economic deregulation,tear_gas,shody contracts to chinesese firms,corruption,black_mamba raids,flying_squad paramilitary,rigging,promulgation of constition…..etc.thank you in advance Mr Trump Wish u landslide elections 2016.

  496. wow…This is amazing trump should be America’s Next president…personally am ugandan and I only dream of museveni dieing there and then

  497. good Obama failed

  498. Lets Wait And See

  499. Please start by locking up George W. Bush who killed a lot of civilians in Iraq

  500. You have my vote 100% when it comes to dealing with dictators but don’t forget Kagame also so that East Africa can have peace.

  501. My advice to Trump is to concentrate on other strategies like fighting Islamic state, racism in USA but Mugabe and Museveni are class a part

    They are regarded as African heroes

    am sure 100% no American soldier can challenge ugandan soldier

    Mugabe and Museveni are blessings God gave Aficans so he can manage them
    Uganda per say is not libya neither syria or iraq which cannot be put no fly zone

  502. Mind only American issues, leave Africa alone. We can handle our issues and just reserve yo intimidation to Americans we don’t need yo assistance. What we see yo just targeting our wealth.

  503. This guy Trump seems to be even worse than Museveni and Mugabe. Americans watch out before you elect a monster who will lead you to be at daggers drown with Africa. As Ssesimba says Uganda and Zimbabwe are totally independent so Mr. Trump should calm down.
    True African

  504. This man is real. There is alot of totten guys messing up the world. Something must ne done.

  505. Trump must be a drug addict. Does he think Uganda is part of USA? HMN! He should respect other sovereign countries. He should also know that President Museveni has never imposed himself to Ugandans. We vote him into power afteq every 5 years. Leave us alone, Mr. Trump. Mind USA business or else God will strike you down, in Jesus’ name, AMEN

  506. Seems like the fat retard has no ideas where Americas borders end.

  507. Sounds like smelly trumping. . . keep your windows shut Mr Trump

  508. Donald Trump should mind the business of his own country, we dont need western interference in Africa’s politics because its the west in the first place which crumbled Africa’s admnistrative structures. I dont c how the US gains from ousting Mugabe and Museveni save for bringing in puppets who can contend to their every demand. Just like the US did in Lybia.

  509. Trump ur just trumping like yo name

  510. I love your words but you should remember Uganda and Zimbabwe are independent countries. So please, leave us alone

  511. Hahahaha dictator himself. And a clown

  512. #Donald Trump your just joking how can you change the world and you the Americans you have failed to control your family, i mean your people to stop those killings, look at the way you left Libya it’s a death zone so should Uganda and Zimbabwe be on the same route WE UGANDANS WE ARE TO DECIDE FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY NOT INTRUDERS TO DECIDE, WE LEAD UGANDA THATS WHY WE ARE INDEPENDENT

  513. I agree with you Trump..Am from uganda and thirsty for change

  514. At least Trump has said something using his brain not his arse. The two dictators should be locked and hanged like Saddam

  515. you won’t do a thing.just live your American dreams

  516. zimbabwe will never be a colony again if his only aganda is 2 target african states whilst they are a lot of islamic groups bothering not only america but d whole world i see it as senceless “

  517. This is nonsense, American controls Americans and it seems there is no international justice its a shame to ICC to see how targets Africans and being used by those so called developed countries trying to secure their interests

  518. Mind about your business leave alone African countries coz we are soon ruling u guys

  519. I hear Museveni and Mugabe. Donald Trump keep dreaming to become a president

  520. Wish u good luck mr Trump(game changer).You hav for once captured my attention being a ugandan and seeing how these dictators underminine voices of the people and contunie to promote their inhuman and selfish tendencies.Good luck.

  521. Come to South Africa please, our democracy is like family business now

  522. Another unrealistic outburst. Much as the mentioned dictators need to pack up and leave peacefully, Trump should know that the US is not the world police and that his move to “arrest. ” would cause more harm than good. If elected, Mr. Trump, one of the best approaches would be imposing economic sanctions on the two regimes.

  523. well said mr Trump!! looking forward to see your promise fulfilled.

  524. Donald Trumph i pray u r not elected because nothing am expect from u exept missery.

  525. Pliz mind about your own business this is africa we are tired of america stay there with your homo sexualitg.

  526. Its a pity that most Americans and the West in general, claim they should understand on behalf of all Africans. What evil has museveni done?
    Is it rejecting homosexuality?.. is it sending peace keeping troops to Somalia; CAR or participating in restoring peace burundi.
    We are fed-up with neocolonialism. America has financed most rebel groups including kony and the bokoharum and then provided Aid in pretence…
    Though the whole world has kept silent because America controls international media.
    When Gaddafi “the dictator” was killed, has Libya ever seen peace?.. America and other evil countries only plan wars and destruction for Africa in order to utilize our natural resources like oil to stabilize their deteriorating economies……
    America’s political structure has been designed long time be4 uganda or zimbabwe. So leave Africans to Organise our structure with time.
    It must take museveni and other nationalists time to clear the mess created by the colonialists…
    Sincerely mr.Trumph is politically narrow minded..
    I Pity those who believe in him. Let remain in bussiness.

  527. well said Mr Trump!! Looking 4ward to see ua promise fulfilled.

  528. only time wil tell, lets wait and see mr. trump.
    U should never count eggs before they hatch coz u may even not go through

  529. There is no sense in that. As an African I see Mugabe to be on the right track. Leave us alone pls. We so pleased with their leadership.

  530. Little Donald, i wish you could understand the troubles with your country. your mind is full of inappropriate talking and arrogance. if you can first settle your discipline, you will manage Africa as well. Thanks Donut trump

  531. You will have done us the best ..Please save us Uganda

  532. Well am not a fun of them either but the last tym I checked Trump said the world would be a better place with Sadam and Gadaffi still alive…..now I wonder!

  533. For museven,the man has turned Uganda into his personal property.

  534. Museveni and his associates including Salva Kiir of South Sudan who looted the country to zero level and committed crime against humanity

  535. u fuckin crazy , u think we Ugandans don’t love museveni, sorry ,infact u not a leadership type

  536. Eeh! thats good news if u can serve us ( Ugandans) from the suffering imposed to us by this ruthless dictator Museveni

  537. Let him start with “cleaning” his “mouth”, family, business and country where need be, there’s always a need. He’s like the person who has to take a long call but uses his hand to clean him/herself and uses the wall to clean the hand: The ideas (taking a long call and cleaning him/herself and cleaning the hand) are quite good But the methodology is rather dangerous in the short and the long runs. The world is always a better place without intervention of the nature that happened in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, etc (unless the Hand of God is in charge). It’s a case of hungry hyenas managing to chase hungry lions away from a suffering deer. Time is the best judge and arbitrator, time will not stop/pause for anyone/anything. Africa or Asia or America(s) or Europe or other is better off handling her own problems in her own thought out way, external ways are only part of the problem. Mandela did it in South Africa, Museveni did it in Uganda, Kenyatta did it in Kenya, etc. If we don’t stop the perception that we know others better than they themselves then we will never have cohesion. If you must assist don’t do it. If you need to assist do it if you are asked to, the way that is reversible for future considerations.

  538. Zimbabwe is a worse case scenario,need not wait to become president first,can still do something even now.

  539. this manifesto can’t win an election,not even in electing the next LRA leader

  540. You “will personally” do what…? Why should u wait 4 power if you really think ULLI NI KAMAGUZI KATARU. You know your a damn joke.

  541. Is Uganda part of America? Why get too much concerned about the politics of Uganda? Uganda is an independent country that can’t be influenced by such a cockroach. That fake gay karye amazi

  542. Well, as long as there is jurisprudence regarding the dethronment and imprisonment of such dectators to support Trump’s ambitions, then be it. That would be a great move.

  543. Mr trump go to hell stop spreading death and hatred in humanity it seems u r inhuman leave us to solve our peoples(African) challenges we know how to deal with our selves so mind your own business

  544. Its better u stop your imperialism in your your house Uganda we are an independent country who are u to detect who to rule us
    First go to Britain and remove the queen

  545. He is confused we can’t allow Uganda to end up like Libya, Iraq and the like where America has exercised their stupidity. They should fucking mind their business stupid morons. Their people are suffering and killing each other plus a lot of stupid racism and this buffoon Trump is talking all this shit. Grow up old dog and man the fuck up dude.
    Who the fuck is trump to claim cleaning up the world stupid idiot. Clean the USA because it has A lot of dirt.

  546. Dat guy trumph z also a dictator. I pray he never becomes president though he z talking da truth. He z a racist

  547. We have waited for aman like Trumph this people don’t respect any body on earth apart from gun they came with most especially Museveni he even went to the extent of saying he doesn’t mind for any Ugandan but he only thinks and works for his family and he grand children please come and rescue us this is who arrests his opponents who rein race with him like Hon Amama mbabazi

  548. Here Mr Trump is on point these African dictators are becoming worse Especially Museven.

  549. Donald Trump should know that USA has more problems to solve than arresting Mugabe and Museveni.There are more issues which need to be addressed by US,like terrorism, climate change to mention a few. All these problems affect people globly.

  550. That’s shear pol madness from Trump.

  551. Let him mind his own business. Let Africans solve their own problems

  552. Just reveals that his a dictator himself. Watch out America

  553. Fuck,your touching wrong button Trump,Trunk,Truck.Your just Lorry shouting out there.LEAVE AFRICAN ISSUES ALONE AND JUST TO ASURE YOU,THE VOTE IS NOT IN YOUR HANDS.AND YOUR NOT THAT QUALITY OF A LEADER. That the world needs.Am you should apologise before the Pope and all X-PRESIDENTS Following the remarks you said.Noooo-shit.

  554. I saw wat I saw in Sir Elton John in Donald Trump,honesty, no nosense leadership, kindly do not arrest them, just kill them.

  555. Am from uganda. …please came save us from this idiot

  556. How does the Presidency of an African country concern him? As a Ugandan i say we don’t need Trump to take Museveni out for us. We are sane enough to make that decision on our own. Just looking for ways to cause bloodshed where there isnt any. Mscheeeeew

  557. how can a president stay I power for over 30 years

  558. Ur 2rue mr donald & u can do it

  559. truth is abridge between goals and complishment
    so ugandan parliamentarian are the one re-authoring our president to contest and under much support he is glued in power
    despite the fact that doubtance on clear counting,
    so let come on ground on what is causing dictatorship before takes another step

  560. thank God we are about to get a world leader who cares for Africa. Museven needs an arrest warrant from ICC for war crimes against humanity and being a cheat in an election organised by criminal Kigundu

  561. I wish American give that opportunity to become their president and kick these two East African presidents out who think they are superior and geniues in constitutional amendement

  562. This is not USA please, mind your own shit!!

  563. a fool is judged by his own words… just a saying Trump mind your words

  564. am behind you sir

  565. What about your blood American country that have shed blood in other nations like Iraq ,Afghanistan ,Libya etc , You arr such a disgrace to yourself Donald Trump ,
    May our President Mugabe live longer than his enemies
    Down with You Americans
    God will judge you and your acts

  566. Your dictator ,,,that’s not the thing you should confess before ,,,look for the things that will help Americans and convince them and leave alone ,,people who are far than you,,,mind about yr business,,museveni is far than you,,,americans plz be focussed and vote HILLARY CLINTON,,TRUMP will retard you,,,

  567. Mr #Trump, Pliz Hurry Up $ Help Us, Wea’re Tired Of #museveni.

  568. Sounds enticing to me as a Ugandan victim of dictatorship. I however have a problem backing a wolf to hunt for stray dogs. A Mugabe and Museveni that confine their outdated dictatorial sway over their little, ridiculously insignificant territories are far less scary to me than a marauding, out-for-blood, Nuclea-bomb-waving crusader with zero understanding of the functioning of human society outside the American Rightist extremism.

    My vote money is on my little pathetic dictator brothers!

  569. That is hot air! If he said it anyway

  570. Ruthless dictator of 21 century in South Sudan needs your attention most!

  571. So you want to go beyond your territory? As if you consider Uganda and Zimbabwe as part of other States in America. You seem to be a dictator than a pair of them.

  572. I pray and bless your journey of becoming the president of USA:

  573. I love triump ,but am not a voter in the us

  574. You will be welcome to Uganda Mr. M. Trump. I Personally have never witnessed a political change since my birth in 1981. Y K Museveni has done everything to suffocate political change from arbitrary arrests using a special police branch – the flying squad, militias under the name of crime preventers who are really crime perpetuators, to murders of political figures and religious clerics.

  575. bravo.we wait to welcome marines here to accomplish the mission cos we are really tired

  576. the world needs trump,its true these morons deserve to die

  577. Uganda; Then Trump U Will Be Promoting Democracy

  578. long awaited Mr Trump….you are the best. you symphathise with the oppressed. You decided to be the voice for the voiceless…God bless you. We need you more you need us!

  579. Thx mr.trump we r tired v these men but mind yo own business coz we can deal with them ourselves

  580. For once he speaks sense

  581. That stupid filthy man should stop talking about Africa especially Uganda,what gives him the mandate to think he will rule the whole world. Mr Trump Stupid go to hell coz thats were u deserve mtscheew

  582. as long as it’s their people electing them. or has the two problem to you,america n the world.

  583. Dear Trump, let us Ugandans decide for ourselves. US might be a super power but not here in Uganda we don’t need a saviour

  584. Sorry white man we are waiting for you to die like a pig.

  585. Yeah I like ur thought. I hope it will come to pass.

  586. ahahahahahah, once a General said….. leave issues of generals to generals………. insha allah we are waiting for the future

  587. This would same my own country Uganda the pearl of Africa

  588. Trump you are more than a man,wow

  589. U will have saved us, we are in custody, its time dictators ceased to exist. Big up, u now got my support.

  590. The world will regret electing such aman.sorry for you all what u mind is taking Africa on your shoulders like what was done to libya.leave Africa for Africans.

  591. that’s why he will never be president

  592. Old man mind your own business and leave Africa out of ya games we r better off with out your help u rat

  593. He has a good point right there but executing what he says is a whole new thing
    Its not as easy aas buying tomatoes from a market

  594. This guy called trump is as stupid as his ass. Why is he poking his nose everywhere? Let the zimbabwe and Ugandan people decide on their own. And if he is really serious about people dying in power, he should first start with king Elizabeth, why is she still holding the royal crown? Idiot trump

  595. Donald trump should leave issues of the generals to the generals! yes, museveni is afailed leader but you have no right to lock african presidents in prison.

  596. Mr President your most welcome but when are u coming Mr???

  597. Thats Why Am And Wil l Always Be Behind Donald Trump,Go Trump #makeamericagreatagain and tell this dictators to quit power and should account for the embezlement that characterised their governments.

  598. ha ha. its riotously right. those men ruled for years bt watching other presidents handover.

  599. Trump is Trump” a Very Great Leader

  600. it could be agood issue to bulundian president, bt not mzee museveni. Coz its ugandans putng him in power.

  601. Personally, am a Muganda from Uganda who hates Museveni and his bunch of corrupt thieves in his government, I would like to advise Mr Trumpet and America that if you think that Ugandans are really interested in your business forget it. You’re shouting because you’re not on the ground, many Ugandans hate America and her way of foreign relations, if you’re dreaming of turning Uganda into like U.S did in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and other countries. We Ugandans won’t hesitate to fight for our beloved motherland. Leave issues of Ugandans to Ugandans because we Ugandans don’t interfere with American issues. For God and my Country.

  602. Trump’s politics is very archace and I may call that as day dreaming. Who is Donald Trump anyway? He could be a loud sounding nothing l think he needs a psychiatric.

  603. I wish it was like taking a cup of coffee your are joking sir

  604. ive never seen a stupid man like Donald trump,if have e says that,it means that the dictatorship he’s trying to prevent as alleged he’s actually showing the whole world that U.S is the biggest dictatorial state which enforces its interests to others not by their will but by the U.S intrests.if he’s a man enough with two balls,why can’t he first try it in north korea,Cuba etc.I conclude by saying that ,what he is all talking is just sh**t any insane person could talk.if its about removing m7,we’ve balls and can we can do it without destroying our country,look at how you did in lybia you mad man.

  605. i wl live and love to see that prophesy,bt let the grass dont suffer whn the two titans fight,with ur mind,i see the mess the world wl face during ur time wl worsen the prevailing problems whc all are the sons of USA leadership

  606. Let him leave African issues for Africans

    we love our President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the only visionary leader who has seen Uganda, East Africa & Africa at large in Restoration of peace & stability plus economic nationalism.

    President Mugabe is also good & on the point

    Muweesi Charles

  607. Thx DT!!! We can’t to see you become POTUS

  608. This guy lucks something to do with international politics and sounds more of a dictator like them.

  609. Seems to be a war monger. U can’t start promising to cross to Africa when Americans vote U into power. What will that help American people? Unless if he wants to rob African resources

  610. I dont support museveni but you have no right to medle into our business…. please let us be. We are okay on our own…. we will oust the man ourselves. . No one asked for your help #Trump

  611. Mr Trump sometimes I disagree with your policies but this time am with you, its sensible

  612. Someone tell that young man Trump that Africa is Africans .We have had much of their interventions in Africa and every time they come a great one is dead. The late Patrice Lumumba’s blood is on your hands and recently Col Gaddafi . Some one tell him that on the 18 th of February Ugandans will elect Museveni for another term.

  613. Wapi first deal with rampant killings in America before you even think of trying to deal with other Leaders .Innocent american are buchered by fellow americans.

  614. Hahahahahahaha…. This guy is hilarious.

  615. hehe huku nikwetu.

  616. Leave issues of generals to generals Mr Trump! Focus on the stock market and other things you might be able to understand.

  617. Putin will put you in before you put any of the two. that is bullshit Africa is not America

    • Right, let him plan for America and not for Zimbabwe and Uganda. You seem not to a presidential material

  618. Wow, I am beginning to like Mr. Trump. How I he could win and clear that mess in Africa, starting with out own dictator Museveni

  619. I don’t understand weather American control has boundaries we ugandans we now by Gods will everything begins has an end so we are calm

  620. Trump,Museveni,Mugabe have something in common- dictators! US president has no jurisdiction to arrest presidents of other nations!

  621. I hope people in Lybia enjoy there country now, after Obama intervened. Mr Trump shame upon your mother, mind your own bsuiness

  622. Trump shd mind his business they get elected by the people so wht else wld mek em bck dwn if elected dia brother..tek ur pride smwhere else

  623. Museveni is long time dictator who is making Ugandans poor but some one can’t come from USA and put him off I know only God will

  624. That is non of America’s or Britain’s problem boss

  625. Too much talking…a Dog that over brks never byt

  626. First get to their level

  627. Trump is worse than Ebola and HIV combined. Just a serial dictator kabiisa

  628. Am ugandan, M7 is jst perfect and he’s still protecting us from the foreign rule and there personal intersts to promote in africans…trumph i pitty u..its all about money and power but M7 has the brains.

  629. I am starting to fall for this Trump guy. Truth is all the past American presidents have done a disservice to Africa especially by looking on as dictatorship strives.
    Someone needs to help us tame M7 because he has really become a problem to our country.

  630. I love u mr trump and keep ur promise alive,also u had 4gotten another one coming up wth colonial dictatorial way of leadership,pia ukaangalie.

    • Ruthless leader. Uganda is a sovereign state.
      Your American presidents butchered innocent people in Iraq , Afghanistan, Libya, etc. Leave us alone.

    • We have waited for aman like Trumph this people don’t respect any body on earth apart from gun they came with most especially Museveni he even went to the extent of saying he doesn’t mind for any Ugandan but he only thinks and works for his family and he grand children please come and rescue us this is who arrests his opponents who rein race with him like Hon Amama mbabazi

    • I think let him first lock the queen of England. Wonder the type of weed this guy is smooking.

    • This is an independent country. We still stand againest colonialism. This is Uganda not America. You are saying that coz u want to steal our oil.

    • Uganda has never been America, Trump has never done any good thing for Uganda,, In Museveni is elected by Ugandans not Americans ,,what I see Trump has nothing to do for America and has nothing to talk about,, if he has no developmental issue to address to his fellow Americans let him stay in his house and look after his kids and take care of his wife.

    • We in Uganda still love our president he is still a good leader in the Great Lakes region he has helped to bring peace in the region ,

    • I wish I was an american I wld vote u in power even the colonialist are much better then our own leaders

    • You all responding positively to Trupm stupid comments; you’re as stupid as he is. You have bo knowledge of anything except your little corner of your eye sights. I hope you understand what I mean. But if you don’t due to your little brain and short memory, just print it and do a homework on Africa.

    • Exactly, this two old men should be sent to ousted for their countries to see light
      That a menace to Africans image and pest to their helpo less people

      • Exactly, this two old men should be sent packing and ousted for their countries to see light
        They are a big menace to Africa’ns image and pest to their helpoless people

  631. Well said. Truly something hv to be done….

    • Trump is the only leader fit for a great Nation like America. We are indeed tired of uncivilised African rulers like Yeweri Kaguta Museveni

      • I think that is a silly comment

    • Kindly help us. the black race. …! These two men are inspiring others to follow them eg Burundi’, Rwanda’s, Cong’s….etc to recreate absolute monarchies. …

  632. Waah! Though he might be right to say that, but also he’s a bad dictactor dis Trumph the Amerikan and the world would regret electing these person.

    • Mr trump whoever your name is please kip the fuck out of African affairs lest you circum to African fever

    • Speak proper English, you moron.

    • Daniel, are a supporter of both Mugabe and Museveni?

    • Because of this i will vote for you mr.trump.Mugabe is a bastard who should not be in power now.Please Trump dont forget A GAMBIAN DICTATOR TOO.HE HAS BEEN IN POWER FOR 21 YEARS VERY VERY BAD PRESIDENT.

    • I loved trump all my life..until he begun to speak about Museveni and Mugabe..This makes Trump a Weak Man.. So he means President Museveni is his Giant?? haaaaaaaaaaa Mr.Trump… U might Regret.. this.. Which you Know Who is behind President Museveni.. haaaaaaaaa .. Well i still love Mr.Donald Trump

    • Well said Daniel.

    • Really, what did he said wrong. Educate me

      • I don’t like our president “Museveni” stay in power but i don’t hate him as a person. is much wiser as a politician than Trump, Trump is just a trumpet. I pray America doesn’t vote irrational leader. Being a president is not like running a company thus a great nation like the USA shud have a president with a sober mind, yo in charge of different views, nationalities and needs. America is a great nation we admire but we a sovereign state. We are mature enough to address our issues. Let Trump fix Libya, Palestine, Afghanistan


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